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Usage 是可數, 不可數, 還是有其他?

Usage 是可數, 不可數, 還是有其他?


The usage of this instrument is low. --> 是不可數吧, 可數的話是 few

Those usages people keep telling you are wrong

but which are actually standard in English.

usages --> 那又算可數名詞了.


謝謝 M-Dy,不過沒有比較清楚。

謝謝 George, 對usage的特性講解得很清楚,但疑問還在,請再幫忙一下。

另一個例子是Windows XP 裡的 "安裝/移除軟體",英文版裡有 Sort from Usage, High to Low. 所以 few and low 都是可行的。

Few and low 都是可行的,疑問就更深了。

是usage 有雙重性質,在不同的意義下能互換 可數/不可數?

還是這並不是 可不可數的問題?

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    >> usage(使用; 使用方式) 是可數名詞, 且具有不同意義

    1. 使用,用法;處理,對待(= method; way)

    The TV set was damaged from rough usage. 這架電視機由於使用太不小心而損壞了。

    2. 習慣,習俗

    "Do you have it?" is a common American usage, but it would be more likely for British speakers to say "Have you got it?"

    ("Do you have it?" 是慣用的美語用法,而英國人很可能說"Have you got it?"。)

    3. 慣用法;文法

    This is a book on modern English usage. 這是一本關於現代英語慣用法的書。

    4. 所以你可以看到 usage or usages 這兩個單字於句子中, 端看使用上需要

    但這句怪怪的: "The usage(使用方式) of this instrument is low."

    應該是: the usages of this instrument are limited to a few. (這工具的使用方式僅限於幾種)

    如果你要說這個工具的使用量很低, 你可以換另一種方式表達:

    The instrument is not often used.

    Those usages(使用方式) people keep telling you are wrong but which are actually standard in English.



    Ah, now we're down to 0%. The thing is, web developers should test their pages for CPU usage the same as app developers do. And anytime a page is idle, CPU usage should be at 0%. Same as with any other app.

    In 1762, Bishop Robert Lowth did "a grave disservice"(嚴重傷害) to the English language when he published his Short Introduction to English Grammar. Rather than basing his grammatical rules in the usage of the best educated speakers and writers of English, he arbitrarily chose to base them on the Latin grammatical system. The result is that many modern usages in English, particularly an alarming number of rules of normative usage and Standard Written English, are based upon those false origins.


    Micro Computer Paper Cutting Machine, Usages(適用材質包括): veneer, suitable for paper, cardboard, corrugated paper, thin plastics(PVC, PE, PP, PU), leather slice, slice fiber cloth, thin glass, clothes, cork, etc.

    2009-02-10 18:32:57 補充:

    high usage: 高使用量

    low usage: 低使用量

    這個你把它記起來, 但還是依照我所說的來使用比較正常, 即它主要當"可數名詞"使用, 意義主要為"使用方式"...至於"使用量"的意義在 Google Dictionary查不到...應該是較新的用法, 因為英文是活的, 有人用就是一種習慣而已...

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    就像我說的,usage是可數,也就是說 usage 跟 usages 都是可以使用的

    few or low and usage or usages 是要看你要表達是什麼

    few 通常是表示一個數量 ex. few people, few times

    所以也就是說用few時 你可以說 few usage or few usages, 看你要表達的是什麼還有前後文也要考慮進去

    用low通常只表示大約的狀態,high/low, tall/short ... ect


    few usage 使用次數很少

    low usage 使用量很少

    你說的 "those usage" ... 因為已經用 those 了 表示是負數,所以usage自然也加上了 s


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