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    My family arrived my grandpa&amp's house at 8pm. We stayed at his house for five days and during the time, we went to department store where the clothes are pretty but expensive. We also went to book store and we ate a lot at night market. Finally,the sky is getting dark so we got back to grandpa's place before 10pm, took a shower and went to bed. That night, a only sound I heard is dog's barking.

    The day after, we played basketball in the early morning, and we got back home at 4pm. Then, we went to my aunt's place. On Saturday, streets are crowded, and there was even one camera passed by in front of me. We walked for while to find a restaurant to eat. We ordered a lot and the food were yummy. We stayed at aunt's place for three day.

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    I and my family reach the public at 8 o'clock in the evening, where have we been living for 5 days, we go department store bookstore in one day, we wide to wipe out a lot of things for a long time in evening market,

    Where 's dress shop does it stroll too, where 's garment be very beautiful and very expensive too, we got back to the public of A before 10 o'clock, already very getting late in one day, it eyes too already getting dark to come down, the outside leave the cry of the dog only even, have a bath I door get back to putting room sleep one's own, we is it play basketball to go morning every other day. We 4 thing get back to we house in week, with go aunt house in accordance with time we, meet first-class lively people crowd people have cinecamera from hold front pass by will it be one the same day week

    Walk we look for one restaurant order a lot of dish the east of here like very delicious for a long time,

    We is it come back home right away 3 days to live in aunt.

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    I and my family member arrives at the government in 8:00 pm, we have stayed for 5 days in there, we have gone to the department store bookstore during 5 days, we strolled in the night market have eaten many things for a long time, also strolled there clothing shop, there clothes were very attractive are also very expensive, we in 10 o'clock before returned to the Arab League government, that ten days had been very already late, the weather already had been also dark down, outside also only remained dog's cry, took a bath my gate to return to the respective room to sleep, previous day in the morning we played the basketball. We got our home in the week 4 thing, we in with depended on the time to go to paternal aunt the family, the week 6 same days have joined the lively person pushing person also to have the camera to pass through us from me to look for a restaurant to select many vegetable here things for a long time to be really delicious, we the family lived in 3 days in paternal aunt to go home.

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