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can anybody tell me the history of bloody mary?

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    Mary Tudor (1516-1558) was the eldest child of Henry VIII, by his first wife Katherine of Aragon.She became Queen following the death of her half-brother Edward VI in 1553. Mary reintroduce Catholicism as the state religion,and fiercely persecuted prominent Protestant leaders, such as Latimer and Ridley (both burned alive). For these acts she was known as Bloody Mary.However,it should be pointed out that less than 1,000 Protestants were executed during her reign for heresy. She was married to Phillip II of Spain,a match much disliked by the English people,but the couple remained childless.Mary died in 1558,and was succeeded by Elizabeth,daughter of Henry VIII's second wife Anne Boleyn.

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    If it's the historical Bloody Mary you're asking about, she was the older half-sister of Elizabeth I. Both sisters shared the same father, Henry VIII, but had different mothers. Mary's was Katherine of Aragon; Elizabeth's was Anne Boleyn. When she came to the throne as Mary I of England, England had moved towards Protestantism in religion. She was a devout Catholic and tried to bring the country back to that faith. In the process, she burned nearly 300 "heretics", and for that was dubbed "Bloody Mary".

    She was not Mary, Queen of Scots. That Mary was completely different.

    Read more about her here:

    If it's the legend, here's some information:

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    Bloody Mary could refer you to:

    a. A cocktail

    b. A halloween custom - calling up Bloody Mary

    c. Mary Tudor (sister of Elizabeth 1) 1516-1558, Queen of England 1553-1558- called in England as Bloody Mary because of the persecutions (including public burning) of Protestants during her reign.

    Your choice.

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    go look up mary queen of scots and that should help you, unless your talking about the drink

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