crush advice s'il vous plait?

Here's the deal, I'm not sure what I should do now, regarding this guy I really like. Here's the deal, I met this guy named Jake at homecoming, After that I asked him out to get coffee, we did, after the whole coffee thing we just kind of talked after school as we walked to the bus, so my friend had hte bright idea of having me ask him to the sweethearts dance, which I did, but he said he couldn't go because he had already been asked. He was very polite and sweet about it. (: He also said he would have gone with me if he hadn't been asked.

So I was wondering, what should I do now? Should I just keep talking to him? I'm alright with him saying he can't go. Granted, I had a cry about it, but my hormones are raging, so I'm welcome to that.

I am no way mad/upset that he said no to the sweethearts dance, i just don't know what to do.

See, I think it is his turn to come to me but he does nothing to seek me out or anything, he knows that I'm always at my friend's locker after school, which is right next to his, but he doesn't do anything, he waves, but generally, I say bye to him and what not. ugh.

I just don't know what to do.

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    Alright, this is what I would do. Sometimes, I feel like a girl doesn't want to talk to me even though she does every single day! Stupid, right? I know. I'm getting better at it. But we're guys. We need help. I would suggest talking to him for a little. A few more days of being the one to make the move. Then, gradually start to back off. Instead of saying anything, just wave, like he does. He'll start wondering what's up and talk to you, I think. That's what I do. He may not realize it. Make him realize it by doing what he's doing.

    Hope this helps, good luck!

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    Give yourself a chance to breathe and detox, let it all out. And when you feel level headed approach him as an adult and ask him about the person and where you stand. Be honest with your feelings and if you're shot down you're out of this stagnating caustic emotional stasis. You move on and keep smiling.

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    I think you have it about right. He said he would have gone with you...but someone else asked first. So you know he likes you, and you know that he likes talking and being with you.

    Just tell him you really enjoyed the coffee and that he should think about finding a chance to go again were just thinking about it.

    Bon chance!

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    Bonjour, ma cherie.

    I advise that you wait, and see. You're 100% correct in saying that it's his turn to come to you- he obviously knows how you feel. He may just be confused, or may not want a relationship right now, and so is avoiding people that do want that.

    I'm in the same boat as you right now. It sucks. Waiting and seeing. Waiting for him. Will he ever come? Who knows?

    Good luck.

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    If hes not seeking you out, hes not interested in you as a gf. Find someone else that does! Let the men do the asking.

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    save speaking to him that's basically a dance an surely date potential greater (like coffee). Dance with him as quickly as on the dance. Oh and see how he acts around the "different female". good success!!! he will COME around ITS feels like he's INTO YOU

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    Up til now you've been taking alot of the steps toward a relationship. If he's really interestede HE will pursue YOU. so be nice, but don't invite him to anything else and let him be the first one to talk to you. If he does, great! He probably really likes you :)

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    hes shy or not interested

    get a better guy

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