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Is spybot search and destroy real time protection?

Does spybot have real time protection? If it does, please describe what makes it and how its real time protection.

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    If you use Spybot-S&D's realtime protection against spyware, nasty spies will not enter your system. Currently there are three different kinds of protection.

    The Immunize function prevents e.g. Tracking Cookies from entering your system. Immunize works with Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera, allowing you to adjust specific settings of the browser to block known spyware installers, (and similar baddies) already included in Spybot-S&D's database. You start the Immunize function by clicking on Spybot-S&D → Immunize on the left navigation bar.

    Resident SDHelper is a second layer of protection for IE. Immunize function blocks installers by their ActiveX ID, while SDHelper blocks badware that tries to enter using a different method. Thus Internet Explorer cannot download bad files. You start SDHelper by clicking on Tools → Resident on the left navigation bar (therefore Spybot-S&D has to run in Advanced Mode). There you can tick the checkboxes next to Resident "SDHelper" (Internet Explorer bad download blocker) active in order to activate SDHelper.

    Resident TeaTimer prevents unwanted files from being installed – no matter how – on your system. It monitors the processes called/initiated perpetually. If known malicious processes want to start, TeaTimer immediately terminates them, giving you three options how to deal with this process in the future:

    if i can find out this info just why can't you.

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    My Answers Straight from the Spybot S&D 1.6.2 ( newest version ) help guide and FAQs.

    Spybot - Search & Destroy is an on-demand spyware and malware scanner. That means it scans for threats whenever you choose to do so. It also offers some preventive measures like its Immunize function.

    Resident, of which TeaTimer is a part, is Spybot-S&D's permanently running partner that does on-access scanning. This means that it will instantly detect and counteract to threats and unsolicited system settings changes.

    Spybot-S&D Resident watches all applications that are being started on your computer. It knows the same bad files as the on-demand scanner of Spybot-S&D, and if it encounters an application that is known as a threat, it will automatically terminate this application.

    What is the Resident TeaTimer? FAQ #033

    The Resident TeaTimer is a tool of Spybot-S&D which perpetually monitors the processes called/initiated. It immediately detects known malicious processes wanting to start and terminates them giving you some options, how to deal with this process in the future. You can set TeaTimer to:

    be informed, when the process tries to start again

    automatically kill the process

    or generally allow the process to run

    There is also an option to delete the file associated with this process.

    In addition, TeaTimer detects when something wants to change some critical registry keys. TeaTimer can protect you against such changes again giving you an option: You can either Allow or Deny the change.

    As TeaTimer is always running in the background, it takes some resources of about 5 MB.

    Which browsers does Spybot-S&D support? FAQ #048

    Spybot-S&D does support many common browsers. As for resident protection, Spybot-S&D contains the Resident TeaTimer which is completely browser independent. It is a Spybot-S&D tool perpetually monitoring the processes called/initiated. In addition, TeaTimer detects changes to some critical registry values.

    Spybot-S&D supports detection in cookies, history, start & search pages and bookmarks of these browsers plus cache for Internet Explorer and Opera (all following links are online links):

    Beonex Communicator

    Firefox pre-0.9, 0.9, 1.x, 2.0 and compatible, including old Firebird variants


    Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5, 6.0, 7.0

    Mozilla Suite

    Netscape Communicator 4.x, 6, 7

    Opera 4.x, 5.x, 6.x, 7.x, 8.x, 9.x and compatible

    Thunderbird 1.x and compatible (where applicable)

    My theory Spybot S&D is worth the time as it has found Trojans and cookies and some not to my consent tool bars ( Plugins ) installed on Mozilla that even Avast, AVG, Norton missed which caused rapid tracking cookies on Mozilla Firefox. I do recommend that you use Spybot S&D as it helps a lot but its your choice.

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    Windows Defender's realtime protection takes the form of a resident-background scanner for spyware, similar to that of a traditional antivirus program. Spybot uses two different methods for realtime protection - the immunization function, which is passive, blocking known threats by blocking those threats from activating through your browser. The active protection within Spybot is Tea Timer, an extremely simple activity monitor that is more invasive than UAC on Vista. It's really a question of how much protection you feel you need, and at what expense compared to usability.

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    Spybot doesn't actively scan your memory for threats. It only has an "active" protection that checks for BHO changes in your registry. The application is WAY beyond it's prime, and is essentially worthless crap now.

    The #1 protection your a PC is an informed user, followed by a locked down operating system (which is pretty much default settings on Vista now, compared to XP) and lastly a good Internet Security software suite including anti-virus.

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    Yes, it has a real time registry guard. It detects programs trying to make registry changes and alerts you to either allow it, or stop it. It's fantastic.

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