Sensory Alphabet Flash Cards?

I am wanting to make sensory alphabet flash cards. I want to use something different for each letter. Here's what I've got so far...


B: seed beads



E: gray vinyl fabric so it will feel like an elephant (sort of)

F: sequins like scales on a fish or fake feathers


H: imitation hay

I: I am thinking clear plastic (like an ice cube)







P: peacock feathers (imitation of course)

Q: a rich velvet or a queen would wear


S: a silky snake print





X: my dad works at a hospital; I'm going to try for x-ray film


Z: zebra print material

These are to add another sensory approach to the alphabet for a student who is having difficulties acquiring the English language. I already have the sand paper cards from Lakeshore and a puzzle with all of the letters covered in glitter. It seems that all that I can find are "rough" feeling cards so I wanted to make something different :o)

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    I'm just copying this out of my file so may be repetitive to what you have. Discount School Supply now has a set of tactile letters and they are plastic, about 2 inches high with bumps. I have the numeral ones and they get used FREQUENTLY! The alphabet ones on are my list. Also, I found the kids like it when I used glitter glue on the letter outline. Wasn't quite so rough as the sand paper ones.

    A "Apple": 1/2 apple print with red paint, aluminum foil, acorns tops, animals (pictures), apple seeds

    B "Blue Balloon": use the canister that a roll of film comes in; dip solid

    end in blue paint; add a blue line down for string; buttons, brush (painting), beads, bingo markers, bark, bottle caps, burlap, BLUE, BROWN, BLACK

    C "Corn": glue feed corn to page; Cheerios, confetti, corduroy, circles, chalk, charcoal, cinnamon, crayons, cellophane, candy wrappers, cardboard, carpet, combs (painting), cord, cotton, Crepe paper

    D "Diamonds & Dots": glue diamonds and dots on the page (dots are from hole puncher); duct tape, diamonds, dirt, dried flowers, driftwood, dandelion prints, doily shapes

    E "Egg": cut out egg shape;eggshells, “Easter” grass, egg cartons, emery boards, eyelets

    F "Face": students draw a face with eyes, nose, mouth;fur, foam, feathers, fabrics, felt, filters, florist’s tape, flowers( artificial), packing foam (painting), FOREST GREEN, flannel

    G "Green glue & green glitter": Glue colored green (food coloring) &

    sprinkle with green glitter; ground ginger, grass, glue, green glitter, gift wrap, gold thread, gravel, greeting cards, grocery bags, GRAY, GOLD, GREEN

    H "Hand": paint hand and make a print; hearts, hay, hair nets, hairpins, hair rollers (painting), holiday trimmings

    I "Ink stamps": use a variety of rubber stamps and ink; ink, ice-cream sticks, inner-tube scraps, INDIGO, fingerprint insects

    J "Jewels": Tag board J with glitter glue dots for jewels; jelly beans, jean, jewelry wire, junk

    K "Key": crayon rubbing of a key; key rings/tabs

    L "Lavender Lace": 2" piece of lavender lace; linguine, lace, leaves, leather, letters, linoleum scraps, LAVENDER, lines (thick/thin), punch holes and lace yarn around the edges

    M "Mitten": Children trace their hand in the shape of a mitten, cut out and glue to paper; marshmallows, markers, marbles (painting), mesh, metal scraps, mosaic tiles, muffin liners, moss, muslin scraps, MAHOGANY, MAGENTA, MELON, metallic paper

    N "Newspaper Numbers": numbers cut from newspaper;nuts, noodles, numbers, newspaper, nylon scraps, nylon netting

    O "Orange": Orange print with 1/2 orange; oatmeal, orange seeds, origami paper, ovals, ORANGE, ORCHID,OLIVE GREEN, self-stick reinforcement circles (o’s)

    P "Purple Potato": potato print with purple paint; purple and pink penguins, pine needles, packing foam, pen/pencil, puzzle pieces, pebbles, paper clips, PLUM, PURPLE, PEACH, PINK, pipe cleaners, pennants

    Q "Quilt": squares of a variety of wall paper glued into a quilt; quarters (paper, or rubbings), quills

    R "Ribbon rectangles": rectangular shapes of ribbon... I also found "Ruler Ribbon" at Wal-Mart which would work as well; rice, rectangles, rubber, ribbon, rickrack, rock salt, rope, RED

    S "Sand": With glue, form an S. Then sprinkle with sand; Spaghetti, sandpaper, squares, sponge (painting), streamers, sand, stamps, strings, splatter painting, salt crystals, sawdust, screening, seashells, seeds, shoelaces, stamps (canceled),

    SALMON, SILVER, SCARLET, squiggles, stripes, spots, stars

    T "Triangle": 3 toothpicks in the formation of a triangle;thread, toothbrush (painting), twigs, tissue, twisty-ties, toothpicks, tape, telephone wire, tiles, torn paper scraps, twine, triangles, TURQUOISE, TAN, thumbprints, tracing paper

    U "Upside down": cut objects (bears, babies, toys, people, etc) from

    magazines. Glue them to the paper upside down, umbrellas, half of self-stick reinforcement circles, unicorn stickers

    V "Valentine Hearts" Hearts cut and glued to paper, vanilla beans, velvet scraps, VIOLET,

    W "Wall paper": wall paper scraps, wire, watercolors, wrapping paper, wood chips, wool, wax, wall paper, wood scraps/shavings, WILD STRAWBERRY, WHITE

    X "Extra X's": tic tac toe board; students make more x's than o's;small paper strip x’s

    Y "Yellow Yo-yo's": Two yellow circles with a real string; yarn, yellow paint

    Z "Zipper" crayon rubbing of a zipper;zig-zag, zipper

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    C: cotton balls

    M: macaroni noodles (or you could use N: noodles)

    O: cheerio's cereal (they are in the shape of o's!!)

    T: toothpicks

    V: velvet

    W: wire

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