Question about boats, boating license, and prices of boats.?

First of all how much do regular size boats with just like the upper deck part cost.

Second how much do the ones with a lower level thing with a bed cost. Just simple ones no really fancy ones.

Third does it cost money to get your boaters license, if so how much.

Fourth what do you have to do to get your boaters license and is it hard if you know nothing about boats, but study about them a little before you try and get your license.

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    That's a little too general of a question, how many square feet is the boat?, what country are you from?, what type of material is the boat made from? what type of boat is it?. As for the license usually depending on country and location the tests are basic for most people but it really helps to pick up the local coast guard books on the boating tests.

  • jtexas
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    hey Jack, boats run in all price ranges and it's hard to imagine what you're talkin bout from your description.

    sailboat or powerboat? trailer or slip? lake or ocean or river? skiing, wakeboarding, fishing or just cruising?

    maybe link to a picture of what you're thinkin bout.

    This is the time of year for boat shows -- if there's one near you coming up, I highly recommend checking it out, just to see what's out there.

    operating permit regs vary widely from state to state and country to country. Where I live, anybody can drive a boat under 10hp, and between 13 & 18 years old can't drive a boat over 10hp without an adult on board unless you have a certificate of completing a safety course. Over 18 needs no permit.

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