What does the University of Michigan prefer?

I want to go to U of M - Ann Arbor and I have the following credentials:

I am a Junior living in Michigan.

3.9+ Unweighted GPA (Somewhat of a rigorous schedule I guess, plus I am taking 5 AP classes next year)

Act Score: N/A yet (what score do I need at minimum?)

Community Service Hours: 35

My question is: should I go to community college this year and take two electives or complete 350 hours of community service this summer at a hospital/clinic and Church?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Okay, so I am in the same year of high school as you and a Michigan resident. (Thanks for the answer to my question, it helped.)

    I know this so far: You are almost certainly to get in with your GPA. There is a 10% acceptance rate for U of M applicants, but your grade point is considerably high. With all of those AP classes, it is sure to help you out.

    ACT scores should be around 28-32 on average. I recommend taking your time on the ACT, the material is not that hard but the questions can be when you're rushed and do not have a strategy.

    I would recommend volunteering for a hospital on one day on the weekend, and do something regular for churches. I am doing so, it helps.

    Good luck.

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