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Why are Italians such crazy drivers?


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    It's easy to treat this as a flippant question, but the death rate on the roads in Italy is not funny at all. Nor is the cost of automobile insurance here.

    Any Italian brave enough to leave the country on holiday (very few are) would have to admit after driving in Germany, Britain or even France that the general skill level of drivers in Italy is very bad: tail-gating, driving too fast for conditions, overtaking in stupid places and driving while talking on a mobile phone are all very common here.

    Unfortunately, Italians seem to take a perverse pride in being crap drivers. Even worse, most Italians think they're highly skillful drivers, which means they absurdly over-rate their abilities, reaction times and so on.

    Personally, I think it has a lot to do with Catholicism. That may seem a stretch, but the ideas that our fate is in God's hands and that any mistakes we might make are forgivable are deeply ingrained in Italian culture.

    It's also the case that while many people believe that social structures are much stronger in Italy than they are in – for example – Britain where the prevailing ethos is supposedly to look out only for Number One, in fact Italians do not give a damn about anyone who is not in their family, a member of their very local community or is personally known to them. This means that Italians tend to view driving as a competition to be won, rather than a means of getting safely from place to place.

    Source(s): American-born, lived in Britain for 30 years and now live in Italy.
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    When they stand out in a certain way, the media or team or whoever just sorts of gives them a nickname. Nick Heidfeld has a nickname: Quick Nick. Heikki too: Finn with a grin. Hey Kimi could be the new El Lione, he does wear his heart on his sleeve too and the outide passes especially the one he did on DC was crazy. So that would give him like what 3 nicknames (Flying Finn, the Iceman and the new El Lione)? But I think I saw a banner from the Ferrari team that called Kimi the "Orgoglio Ferrari" meaning Ferrari's pride.

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    When my husband came to the states and started driving he scared the crap out of me more than once. It took a long time for him to get the rules of the road over here. Then when we had our daughter he finally started driving with a brain.

    He has told me when I get to Italy I will not be able to drive. Not in the big citys anyway. I asked why, and he said it is beacause they all drive like he did when he got here. nice.

    I have been in the car with hes relatives who live here in the states. Even though they have been here for twenty yrs, they still drive crazy. Its like they are the only ones, and everyone else had better get outta the way. lol

    Source(s): I will see what it is actually like when I get there in a month or so.
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    Well... I live in Rome, and for Rome i can say that probably the cause is that we don't have a good service for public transport, and for this we've on the streets a lot more cars than the average. So, if you aren't a bit aggressive in driving, you risk to become old in a traffic jam ;-)

    Someone here says that the Roman driver does not drive: he rapes every little hole in the traffic ;-)

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    This topic is worth people's attention

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    Not all of them are. Unfortunatly you will notice them most because are quite a number and you will never noticed people like me very patient and prudent. The problem is that in Italy they check very little and idiot people think to be the owner of the road plus we are always in a hurry. Anyway dont brush us with the same tool thanx

    Why the thumb down whats wrong in my answer? This is wierd really why should not we say what we think theres no freedom of speech in your country? doh...

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    There is a logic to the way they drive. Instead of beating it try to go with it and you'll not get into any accidents .......

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    I don't think that's right

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    AHAHXD nice ques!! XD

    i dunno XD ...but being italian and especially an italian GIRL U_U who's gonna pass the exam for driving very sooon(yuppiee!!!XD) ..U_U well, i think that it's something linked with the genetic (XD)...

    i hope i resolved ur doubt U_U (XD)

    ciao ;)

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    don't you just love the way we drive??

    Source(s): i'm american but i drive italian
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