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How is Obama Moving the Census to the White House Not An Attempt To Sway Elections?

All political formulas (i.e. where welfare is going, what states get how many electoral votes, etc.) are determined by the census which is done independently and makes rules that Congress must accept or reject. When something like that is under the Executive branch, rules can be made and carried out more secretly.


One would be a fool to think Obama is running a transparent administration.

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    It's the commie power grab.

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    March 11, 2009, 12 a.m. The director of the 2010 Census will checklist to the commerce secretary, a White abode official pronounced Tuesday, offering the clearest assertion yet with regard to the chain of command on the census and probably allaying fears between Republicans that it will fall under the political administration of the White abode.

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    You are absolutely right. Under the Commerce Dept. the rules and regulations of conducting the census must be approved by Congress AND in line with the Constitution which requires a head count. One of the proposed 'changes' under new White House control is 'estimating' the population, block by block. Another 'change' is giving the District of Columbia State status including representation in Congress - this is clearly reserved for States only, but the White House plans to pass a law allowing DC to have State status.

    Just one more attempt to totally disregard the Constitution. But then again, I'm not surprised. Obama, in his arrogance, believes that the Constitution is flawed and that he knows best. What blatant egotism, and a very dangerous course. And I believe it is just the beginning! Say goodbye to the Constitution, US sovereignty, and the country we loved.

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    Heres documentation as provided by the Washington Post -------at the suggestion of the New York Times editorial board the oversight of the census bureau was taken away from Newly appointed Commerce Secretary Judd Gregg a Republican and handed over to Obama's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel. Never before in the history of the USA has responsibility for overseeing the US CENSUS been handed to a White House Chief of Staff. -----------Never

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    I agree. Having the White House control the census is not a good thing especially when I hear talk of "estimating" the residents in city blocks and rural areas. Seems like a secretive attempt at "gerrymandering' for political advantage.

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    that's the only reason i can think of for the move... though i hope it will be stopped by court order or something.

    no WH should be in charge of the census, dem or repub. it's unconstitutional so far as i'm concerned, and if a repub ever tried it, you know the left and their msm friends would go insane.

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    He will be a one termer.

    He has made promises he has already broken. Now that he just mortgaged off American children and their children to the Chinese and Indians he will not be re-elected.

    Folks, it's gonna be a 25 year recovery after tonight.

    Hello Socialism, good bye Capitalism

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    Its a blatent move for redistricting ,i must be one of the fools because its transparent to me what the motavation is behind this move to put it in Emanuals dirty hands

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    Now where are the liberals protesting this corrupted move???

    We all KNOW that if Bush had done this, they would have screamed to the heavens about what a tyrant he is.

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    He who controls the demographic data also controls the legislative districts. This is pure craziness. One step closer to having a totalitarian government.

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    If this doesn't scream takeover, I don't know what does. People have to be blind to not see where this one is going.

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