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I am obsessed with punctuation, why is this?

I have to write everything correctly!

It is starting to drive me crazy, i can't have a msn conversation, i can't text anybody; without all the capital letters etc.

It angers me when people don't use them too.

Its starting to get me down!

What is causing this?

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    It may be that you have a compulsive nature and tend to be a perfectionist in everything you do. However, it could also be that you appreciate the beauty of language and things that are written well. If so, that is great. Keep enjoying it. Your skill in writing could benefit you in the future as far as written assignments, literature, letter writing, job applications etc are concerned.

    As far as text messages are concerned, you have to try and be reasonable about this. It is ok to use abbreviations in them because they are supposed to be fast and there is limited space for writing. Try to consider texting as abbreviated writing rather than a series of grammatical and spelling errors.

    You have the advantage. You have mastered the language and that will take you a long way in life. It's a pity that so many consider texting to be the only form of writing, so they end up writing that way everywhere - even in job applications.

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    The funny part is that you don't use punctuation correctly, either.

    Here are the corrected versions of your mistakes:

    "I am obsessed with punctuation; why is this?", "It is starting to drive me crazy; I can't have an MSN conversation, I can't text anybody without all the capital letters, etc.", and "It's starting to get me down!"

    There's nothing wrong with being obsessed with punctuation. It'll help you in your English / writing class(es).

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    Have you always been like this? There's nothing wrong with writing properly.

    If you're a perfectionist or anal retentive, that might have something to do with the obsessive need to write well.

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