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What do you think the second season of wolverine and the x-men will specifically be about? I know it is about?

Age of apocalypse, but moreover what will the plot and the characters be? Will Nate Grey or Nemesis appear?

Also if you watch the episode "excessive force", how was mr. sinister able to block cyclops's blast? wolverine and the x-men

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    Well nothing has been said about it yet but there are some hints during season one of things they might touch on later in the show. Nightcrawler & Scarlet With for example, their chemistry hints to us maybe getting a glimpse of Nocturne (their future child). X-23 will probably appear in it more since they introduced her and then hinted to her coming in later on in the story. Jean will be with the group again and Xavier is still in a coma and awake in the future. Show looks good so far though.

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    It will be dealing with the Age of Apocalypse storyline. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!

    At the end of season one Xavier tells Wolverine that they changed the future but now something worse has occurred.

    Sinister manipulates his own DNA he might have add some of Scott Summers DNA into his own. Because usually blood relatives powers don't work on each other i.e. Cyclops and Havok's blast don't effect each other.

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