How do I file lawsuit against USAA in San Antonio?

USAA released information about my auto loan to my employer that it did not have permission to release. The information released, along with other circumstances led to my employment being terminated....


IM sorry, i should have elaborated more. My company commander (Army) called to inquire about a payment arrangement that I had set up. I gave USAA permission to ONLY discuss the payment arrangement. They told him everything about my loan history and also my bank accounts. It was not a credit check.

Update 2:

god...people are stupid...the commander was not 'conducting an investigation'. You have to get permission from Brigade to do that, and it comes with a ton of paperwork. He overstepped his authority. He has already BEEN punished by the battalion commander. Please stay on topic, we are not talking about my commander, Im asking about USAA.

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    USAA was correct in giving the information to your company commander.

    It does not matter what _you_ want. The Commander was conducting a lawful investigation and thus had legitimate access to that information.

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    I suggest you go after the employer for wrongful termination. I don't think you're going to get an attorney though because there isn't a deep enough pocket to get into. However if you want to sue; Texas is the place to do it. Possibly a public attorney would do it. I know you are angry and rightly so; but I don't think you have much of a chance. My experience is that there is very little justice in this world. My satisfaction comes from knowing there is in the next.

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    Any criminal expert will inform you what to do -- for a hefty value. make certain you go with for to circulate this manner -- USAA, like a number of insurance organization, lives in court docket and has dozens of legal experts (rather sturdy ones) at their disposal and could combat like mad as quickly as you circulate that line. a instruction manual: end chatting with the adjuster and initiate hiking the administration ladder at USAA. shop your cool, be polite yet shop asking for top administration until eventually you get a passable answer or somebody which could clarify what the situation is between you and the adjuster. I artwork in a important claims workplace and that i will inform you authentic that in case you act like an as$ it rather is exactly the way you would be dealt with. No insurance organization is worried of you or your criminal expert so basically circulate down that street as a final motel. Who knows? there may well be an undemanding answer for despite mess you men are in. believe me .. basically legal experts win in a lawsuit.

  • See a lawyer. if you did not give your employer permission to do a credit check that lead to the information being released, you will need a lawyer to file a lawsuit.

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    You probably signed something when you were hired that allowed your employer to do a credit check. Look at your copies.


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    Contact a local attorney who knows what he is talking about.

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