Question about American Airlines ?

I go to Japan in April , and I want a good wing view window seat.

Aircraft: 777-200

flight number: 167

departure: JFK

destination: Narita Airport

I have a choice of 3 window seats.

Which one is the best?




Is my airplane very old?? seat arrangement: 2-5-2

thank you!

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    normally, sitting ahead of the wings offer a slightly quieter ride, on the wings is more stable, and behind is slightly louder.

    All your seat options are behind the wins, so I would just choose the one closest to the lavatory or exit.

    AA's 777-200s are not so old. (8 years average)

    AA just decided on a slightly less conventional 2-5-2 seat arrangement. The downside with this the passenger sitting in the dead middle of the 5 row of seats will need to climb over 2 people to get out while 3-3-3 means no passenger needs to climb over more than one other passenger.

    fleet age of AA:

    All of AA's 777-223ER were delivered between 1999 and 2001.

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    i think of American airlines/American Eagle is definitely greater effective than Northwest airlines. I somewhat have flown the two airlines. Northwest is crap, particularly on kin flights. To me, i will see what airline those Continental airlines "artwork tricky, Fly precise" categorised ads are portraying. they have plane that are able to having in-flight entertainment, yet they are too decrease priced to have IFE. the only time NWA might have IFE is only on flights to/from Hawaii, (interior of) Asia, Europe basically. there is not any pillows, in-flight potential, or blankets on their flights the two (a minimum of on a majority of NWA flights). American airlines won't be suited yet they provide those issues on their countless, if no longer all, mainline flights. Even on Asia flights, AA provides each and every passenger very own video displays. Northwest basically provides that on their Airbus 330s and international employer type. besides the incontrovertible fact that, growing to be up in Michigan, the place Northwest is the "genuine Airline," there's no longer many ideas. If American flew to Ninoy Aquino, i might fly them over NWA. I believe each and every physique and J.D. potential and friends with NWA as a results of fact the worst classic airline in shopper help in US/Canada. element is, American is staggering average.

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    Well, really the closer you sit to the front, the further the wing will be behind you.

    21a is the centre of the wing for the left and right,

    9a is the begining of the wing left and right,

    28a is the back of the wing left and right,

    After 28a it skips to 32a due to exits so be sure of this

    Unfortunately, the seats of your allocation are behind the wing.

    Just also a bit curious about your seat arrangment. The 777-200ER is 3-3-3 ????

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    33, 34, and 35A are normal seats. The only difference is that 34A has a powerport for you to plug something in. Also, all A seats have limited under seat space for caryons because of the entertainment system.

    Source(s): seatguru
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  • Well all those seats are window seats and they are within about 1 meter of each other. So it won't mke a difference.

    Go for te 34A one as its just simply in the middle.

    Its only a seat and you can see out of the window from all of them.

    No big deal.

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    Sit directly on the wing or emergency door.

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    You can research the aircraft configuration at a few websites. One that I use a lot is

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    do I have to print a boarding pass with an e ticket and itinerary to board the plane or not?

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