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Whats the significance of the number "13" in Wicca/Witchcraft?

I want to know the significant and the meaning of the number "13" in Wicca/Witchcraft?Plus if anyone know the significance and meaning of Friday in Wicca/Witchcraft.takes 10 points!

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    Common superstitions about Friday the 13th have little or no meaning in Wicca. The Romans considered odd numbered days unlucky. Medieval Christians thought that Witches' covens consisted of 13 members to parody Jesus and the 12 disciples. Modern Wicca draws from this folklore, but de-Christianizes the meaning -- 13 is the number of full moons in a year, so the significance is lunar and associated with the Goddess of the moon. There is also a practical reason for limiting a coven to 13 members -- Wicca is, as it is practiced today, a living room religion. You can't fit much more than 13 people in the average living room.

    As for Friday -- each day of the week is associated with a different planet. Sunday is the Sun, Monday the Moon, Tuesday = Mars, Wednesday = Mercury, Thursday = Jupiter, Friday is Venus, and Saturday is Saturn. Because Friday is associated with the planet Venus, and therefore the Goddess Venus/Aphrodite, Friday is the best day to cast spells for love or to find a new relationship.

    Source(s): I have studied and practiced Wicca and Witchcraft for over 17 years
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    Significance Of The Number 13

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    "I am going to quote Gerald B. Gardner in his brief, confuddled explanation in Witchcraft Today, below:

    Because three and five make eight, many things must be in eights; but eight and five make thirteen, and so thirteen is another good number; but since five eights, or three covens and a leader, make forty, forty is a good number and certain things must be forty.

    Does anyone else feel like they were robbed of intelligence with that reasoning? Either way, that is the traditional perspective. The numbers in Gardnerian Wicca which are special are 3, 5, 8, 13 and 40.

    Spiritually, the numbers can easily be assigned deeper meanings.

    3 - The God, the Goddess, and Life/Child/Creation/etc. The goddess in her triple form.

    5 - Man. The Pentacle. The God.

    8 - The Wheel of the Year - the 8 solar sabbats.(4 “height of (insert season here)”, 2 equinoxes, 2 solstices)

    13 - The Wheel of the Year - the 13 lunar esbats.(full moons)

    40 - I’m at a loss here. I do like his explanation. Three covens and a leader.

    Keep in mind that within Gardnerian tradition, these numbers become exceptionally important in the initiation rites - the purification/test act of scourging is assigned to these various numbers."

    Friday - as far as magical correspondences in witchcraft - is associated with the planet Venus. Venus. . .ahhh, sweet love. This is a day for love spells, and also a good day to offer your love to the gods/goddesses of choice. As the Cure say, "Friday, I'm in Love!"

    As far as "Friday the 13th" - sorry, but my religion and my magical practice are not really related to such superstitions.

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    One traditional story is that Friday the 13th is unlucky because the French King attacked and arrested the Knights Templar on that day.

    In some ancient numerology traditions the number 13 is significant just because it follows the number 12 which is considered magical for many reasons.

    In astrology, the new year begins after the 12th horoscopic sign. Beginning again would take one back to "1" but going on to 13 signifies going on & continuing the present cycle.

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    It's the year I was born.

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    Thirteen lunar months in a year.

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