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Why not tax cuts with a stimulus?

Yheah tax cuts are a good thing but why can we not put Americans back to work by fixing our infrastructure?

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    Only people with jobs pay federal income taxes, and only they can use a tax-cut; furthermore, the people have jobs can move the economy. Near-sighted Republicans can't see beyond what they want; on the other hand if unemployment keeps raising, their biggest worry will be how they'll get their come-up-pance in the next elections. That's why senators - Collins, Snowe & Specter defected; they're afraid of what'll happen if the Stimulus doesn't pass.

    Republicans are devious hypocrites, and they're afraid President Obama will call for an investigation of the Bush/Cheney Administration. That's why they are just trying to overturn what America voted for on Nov. 4th, and their are using Right-Wing mind-numbing propagand to do it. Now the Republicans are twisting the truth to undermine the political consensus that America voted for on Nov. 4th.

    The truth is George W. Bush did caused our economic clasp by literally throwing money at Iraq. Bush actually handed out bags of cash to the people of Iraq just to keep them from fighting us. There has been more money squandered on the reckless adventure in Iraq than we can possibly comprehend with absolutely no accountability.

    Senators - Collins, Snowe & Specter are getting a backlash of criticism from the Republican Party for attempting a bipartisan agreement on the Stimulus Package. Republicans are going to fight President Obama at every turn to throw him off balance.

    Source(s): At the Treasury Dept., you can see for yourself how much money the Bush/Cheney Administration threw away on their "Excellent Adventure" in Iraq.
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    Tax cuts return about $1.02 for every stimulus dollar spent, while infrastructure spending returns about $1.57 for every stimulus dollar spent.

    And in the end we have a tangible product that will continue to pay off in allowing the US to be a competitive global economic power.

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    Tax cuts that allow corporations to create capital in other countries and pay less taxes here doesn't do anything. But if it is a tax cut the republicans will be for it.

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    They haven't worked that last 15 times republicans have tried them. Why keep repeating the same mistakes while expecting different results?

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    If it ain't broke - don't fix it. That's how you save this economy.

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