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What do you think of Stacy Westfall?

I was at a 4H clinic over the weekend and Stacy was there. I heard a lot of the crowd talking, and a lot of them were talking down on her. They said..."Yeah, what she does is cool, but she can't train worth crap" and stuff like that. So are they jealous or can she really not train? What do you think? Please feel free to vent. Lol.

Also...can I have a request? The request is...Please don't thumbs down people, this is an opinion question!


Okay, the request is differnent now...You can thumbs down Tasha! how rude

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    I've seen her videos....she rides on the "edge" and if she pushed it another inch she and her horse would lose it. (Any shape or form to her freestyle). She's one with her horse but consider Ray Hunt and some of the other clinicians who've spent a lifetime studying horses and have done more with them.....You can't say she "can't train" as she wouldn't have accomplished what she has without training. I hear sour grapes in a comment like that....the wanna be's who can't get it done.

    So, if you like what she has done, more power to you. I'm just not a fan. My admiration lies with the likes of Todd Bergen, Bob Avila, Al Dunning, Tim McQuay. Stacy has accomplished something with one horse, these guys have accomplished so very much(championships) with many different horses.....and yes, their horses are schooled enough to ride bridleless.

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    Well, from what I've seen on youtube, I think she was amazing.

    She also was a guest star on the show 'Ellen' and I thought she seemed like a nice person. But hey, that was for like, 20 minutes, how the hell can someone sum up a person from what they've seen in 20 minutes?

    The youtube video of her and her horse, Roxy, was awe-inspiring. The relationship she has with the horse is clear. The horse is comfortable doing the work she was doing and they really seemed like a true partnership.

    I think the people behind you in that crowd were jealous. Shame on them. I bet they were'nt performing that day to Stacey Westfall's level, were they?

    What is that old saying? Oh yes, i remember now.......

    ''If you have nothing nice to say, then don't say anything at all.''

    More people in this world need to go back to school and learn their manners.

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    Dont you recommend her bridleless freestyle run to Tim McGraw's stay such as you have been Dieing!!! on the grounds it extremely is on Youtube seek Stacy Westfall!! Her performances are soo stable I observed her on the 2006 Massachusetts Equine Affaire and she or he replaced into meant to accomplish on the 2007 Massachusetts Equine Affaire yet her horse went lame after a health center I felt so undesirable, yet her horse have been given extra advantageous quickly after that!!!

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    From what I see on youtube and in magazines, she's amazing. She is actually one of my favourite popular trainers. Also Clinton Anderson. I read Horse&Rider and at least one of them mostly always has some type of article in there. Very helpful. But I think Stacy is I love that video of her with Roxy to the song of "Live like you were dying".

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    I've never heard of her, so I can't say personally.

    But I do know that it probably isn't out of jealousy. Most "big" trainers out there today who are using different methods really are full of crap. Parelli especially. A great horse trainer will show off their methods and people won't talk down, they'll be reading every ounce of their working and pouring all their time into learning to use it on their horses.

    Let me tell you one thing, when it comes to truly exceptional trainers, there is no such thing as jealousy. If they are that great then people will act nicely to try and learn their secrets! lol.

    It could be their personal opinion. But honestly, I either think she's using new-age methods with "nice" training and the people enjoy old cowboy training or people generally don't have the time to do what she does, so they say she really can't train just because they cannot achieve the results themselves.

    Anyways, that's just my two cents!

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    I haven't seen her in person. I've seen her on youtube, though. She has a gentle approach and I appreciate that. But she is another hyped up trainer, in the same league as Parelli, etc. Most people aren't going to be able to do what she does with horses and that is a fact. Most people don't have the facilities, time, etc. But I do appreciate those who dedicate their lives to horses and TRY to help fellow horse people out like she does.

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    I like her. I respect her approach she knows what she is doing. Though good points have been raised on here. Not all people can do what she does, and yes she does have money. But the horse responds to her and seems happy to work for her. Plus she is a stellar rider.

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    I don't think I know enough about her methods to form an opinion. Based on the videos I've seen, I think it's pretty neat. That's about as much as I can say without knowing more.

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    i personally dont like any of them.....especially parelli! i dont really know much about them...i think its hilarious how they take a well trained horse(one they have been working with for years) and show u how to train ur horse. x/

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    Wow Tasha...really doesn't matter if her dad is rich, if you had any braincells left, you would also know that her dad is LOSER.

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