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chick94 asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 1 decade ago

why was ethiopia able to maintain its independence when attacked by italy?

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    One word ... 'SACRIFICE.'

    Ethiopia suffered a lot. Mussolini, Badoglio and Graziani tried their utmost to break the spirit of the Ethiopian Resistance and the will of the patriots. A savage war of revenge, torture and genocide was wreaked on the land, and many lives were lost. Hangings, shootings, being thrown from airplanes were methods of execution that were prefered. Even after death the corpse was mutilated and it was a common fad to have pictures taken with the severed heads of famous patriotic leaders.

    These are some of the messages that were passed from Mussolini to his generals:

    "Rome, October 27 1935. To His Excellency Graziani. The use of gas as an ultima ratio to overwhelm enemy resistance and in case of counterattack is authorized. Mussolini."

    "Rome, December 28 1935. To His Excellency Badoglio. Given the enemy system I have authorized Your Excellency the use even on a vast scale of any gas and flamethrowers. Mussolini."

    "Rome, June 5 1936. To His Excellency Graziani. All rebels taken prisoner must be killed. Mussolini."

    "Rome, July 8 1936. To His Excellency Graziani. I have authorized once again Your Excellency. to begin and systematically conduct a politics of terror and extermination of the rebels and the complicit population. Without the lex talionis one cannot cure the infection in time. Await confirmation. Mussolini."

    One typical example of the cruelty was the February 18, 1937 when Ethiopian Patriots Abreham Deboch and Moges Asegedom tried to assassinate Graziani but succeeded in only wound him. In retaliation 30,000 citizens in and around Addis Ababa were murdered. Whole families were burnt alive in their huts.

    The one thing the Fascists and every other would-be invader before and after them have made one mistake. They have never understood, and underestimated, the average Ethiopian. An Ethiopian will DIE before being enslaved. It's the fact that Ethiopia is nation of warriors that has left the country economically in shambles. When war is declared all Ethiopians will drop everything and fight till it's over. In it's three thousand years of history Ethiopia has known very little peace. Ethiopians are a proud people, and they can never accept being conquered by another. History proves it ... over and over and over again.

    One Love !!!


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