Can someone give me a summary on the book Holes?

I need the summary on Holes please, thank you.

Urgently please!

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    At the beginning of this novel, Stanley Yelnats, an unlucky adolescent boy is introduced. In a mix-up involving Clyde Livingston's (a famous baseball player) shoes, Stanley is falsely accused of theft, and sentenced to go to Camp Green Lake, a boy's juvenile detention facility. From the beginning, his terrible luck is always blamed on his great, great grandfather and, from then on, the story flits between three timeframes.

    The first concerns Stanley's great-great-grandfather Elya, who fell in love with a girl named Myra Menke. He was competing with a pig farmer named Igor Barkov for Myra's hand in marriage, and Myra's father decided that whoever could provide him with the biggest pig in a year's time would have Myra. Elya, in desperation, went to see Madame Zeroni, an old Egyptian woman, and she suggested a solution - her sow had just given birth and he could take the runt of the litter for himself. At the top of the nearby mountain, there was a stream that ran uphill, which Madame Zeroni instructed him to take the runt to, let it drink and sing to it while it drank; if he did all of this, then on Myra's fifteenth birthday, it would be bigger and fatter than any of Igor's pigs. However, he was also told that, once he had given the pig to Myra's father, he would have to carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain so she could drink from the stream. She warned him that, if he didn't, he and all his descendants would be cursed, even though Elya didn't believe her. On the last day, rather than carry the pig up the mountain one last time, he chose to bathe and clean himself, and so the two pigs offered to Myra's father weighed the same. He also did not carry Madame Zeroni up the mountain, sparking off the curse.

    At Camp Green Lake, Stanley and the other boys had to each dig a hole five feet wide and five feet deep. The other boys at Camp Green Lake were all there for the same reason. They were there because they committed a crime. All the boys had nicknames, just for fun. Their camp counselor was Mr. Pendanski. They liked to call him Mom. The Warden was feared by many of the kids. X-Ray was the leader of the boys. He'd spent the most time at Camp Green Lake and he wanted to get out of there as soon as possible. While digging, Stanley found a gold tube with the initials KB in it. He realized it stood for Kate Barlow. As Stanley found the gold tube, as X-Ray said to Stanley, that Stanley should gave him the tube and the other things he would find while he dig holes. One day, Magnet stole Mr.Sir's sunflower seeds. The seeds spilled on Stanley's hole. Mr. Sir came back and saw seeds in his hole. He took Stanley to the Warden. The Warden scratched Mr.Sir with her poisonous nailpolish for disturbing her. He had marks on his face. Mr.Sir was very mad at Stanley. Each time he came around to give the boys water, he would spill Stanley's water onto the hot, dry ground. Then Stanley's friend Zero ran away from camp. Stanley was still mad at Mr.Sir so he came up with a plan. He would steal Mr.Sir's pickup truck and drive away to find Zero. He went ahead with the plan. The car fell into a hole. Sadly, Zero didn't have a family, and he was poor. Stanley found Zero. Together they climbed a mountain that looked like a big thumb. They called it God's Thumb. They thought that water was on the mountain. Sure enough, they found not only water, but also onions.

    At the end, Stanley find a suitcase filled with gold. There was one problem - when he did, Mr.Sir, the Warden, and Mr.Pendanski was there. Stanley and Zero found out that there were yellow-spotted lizards on the suit case. Stanley and Zero stood dead still. The lizards finally got off of them. The warden had been looking for that treasure since she was a little girl. She wanted to claim the treasure but the suitcase was inscribed with the name of Stanley Yelnats(the first). Stanley Yelnats could go home and he took Zero with him to his new home.

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