Wow, can you believe it was 45 years ago today The Beatles first appeared on Ed Sullivan?

Here's their first performance:

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It's funny that they superimposed their names on them and told the girls sorry but John was married!

Before the end of that show they came back on and performed "I Saw Her Standing There" and "I Want to Hold Your Hand".


Edit: Shades; What?, How?, Lol!

Update 2:

Edit: Reader, Paul hasn't changed much, has he!

Update 3:

Edit: Demrob83, 74 Million people (half the US population at that time) cared when they watched it!

Update 4:

Edit: Peace, I didn't know that about the crime rate but it makes sense seeing that half the US population was watching!

Update 5:

Edit: Shades, You don't have to remind me of those times, Lol. My family was also a Bonanza watcher but whenever there was a good band on Ed Sullivan I always convinced them to change the channel!

Update 6:

Edit: onederful2nite, I did see him on the Grammy's. He was smashing as usual!

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    Thanks for sharing that vid, Beatles Fanatic,

    I couldn't watch back then (hey, I was only 7 months old!), but I literally grew up with The Beatles' music in the soundtrack of my life thanks to my elder (by ten years) sister. What's striking in this video - as well as many others shown in the Anthology series - is just how good the band was, live.

    For the benefit of Demrob83, while George Martin's music knowledge, production expertise & willingness to innovate helped make The Beatles' recordings sound as good or better than almost everyone else's at the time (not to mention later!), it was the band's songwriting and performing skills that made the music so memorable.

    Go back, if you will, to the first song on the video, All My Loving. Sure, the lyrics aren't yet very sophisticated - the guys were aged 23 or younger at the time - but check out how Ringo effortlessly makes it swing, John & George combine for a rolling yet intricate guitar pattern over a straightforward series of chord changes, and underneath Paul plays a grooving, melodic, jazzy walking bass line that just propels the song forward - while singing a vocal line that is very different from what he's playing on bass. (If you're a musician - which I doubt - maybe you should try that sometime. Not as easy as Paul makes it look, I can assure you of that.)

  • Certainly one those events in Beatles history I wish I was around for (I'm only 40). The other being The Beatles first concert in New Orleans at City Park Stadium (now called Tad Gormley stadium) which the 45th anniversary of that show happens on 9/16/09. The Beatles appearance in New Orleans is special to me because I'm born and raised New Orleanian.

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    What an awesome, historic event. Thnx for the reminder.

    *edit* I read somewhere that during the hour that the show aired, the crime rate amongst teenagers was the LOWEST for the entire decade.

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    Hey Beatle Fanatic- OMG! I love that video of The Beatles it is actually my most fave of all because they were SO cute during that time:) Especially Paul and George. :P my Mom just told me the other day that she remembers sitting in her living room watching them play on Ed Sullivan on her little black and white TV:) I am SO jealous I wish that I was around back then when they were still together. Keep on loving The Beatles, because you and me and all of us Beatles fanatics love them:)

    Edit: Demrob83, us Beatles fans CARE!!

    Source(s): Beatles Fan Forever!!
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    My family watched Bonanza.


    Hey Beatle! I tried to add more immediately, but Y!A wasn't going for it! Wanted to say that back then it was one or the other ~ kids didn't have their own TVs in their rooms, no recording of TV shows, no watching it online later ~ none of that! And I grew up in a "Bonanza" family. We never watched Ed Sullivan....

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    I was very, very young but I will always remember that it ruled when The Beatles were on Ed Sullivan. I loved it.

  • wooooow!!!!

    i wish i was alive then......

    to think that if 45 years ago, in 1964 if the beatles never when on the ed sullivan what would music be like...?

    today is a grate, historic day in pop colter history. i don't care a what you non-beatles likers say....the beatlles did change music.

    thanks for sharing beatles fanatic!!!

  • I wish I was there!!!

    Watching on Youtube is not the same as being glued to your TV screen when it was going live!

    "Sorry girls, he's married!"

    Peace Me- Oh thank goodness someone else read about the crime rate, because everyone calls me crazy!

  • Wow.

    I must admit...compared to their later recordings, I have trouble seeing how this launched Beatlesmania.

    But those were different times, and who can understand the mind of a teenage girl?

    Don't get me wrong.... i do really dig their later stuff, and it is impressive to think that it's been 45 years since the Beatles changed the face of Rock and Pop music forever.

    Shame that neither John or George are here to see it. I wonedr what they would think of the world today? Or what John would think or Paul or Ringo these days for that matter.

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    Definitely one of the, if not, THE most important day in music history. It's so sad to think that there will never be another era like the Beatlemania era.

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