What is the difference between property management and facilities management?

I need detailed information and useful links please. I searched the internet but couldnt find more than definitions on wikipedia

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    Property management deals with the renters.. finding prospects and filling in vacancies.

    Facilities management deals with the building, making sure the heat/water is working and any problems with the physical property.

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    Property Management Vs Facility Management

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    The two occupations are not related. An asset manager is generally a person who manages other peoples money by allocating it into different investment vehicles. These may include real estate, stocks, bonds, cash, or even gold. A facility manager manages a building. You would be in charge of maintenance, house keeping, HVAC, security, and the general operations of a building.

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    There is no legal difference. In everyday usage, a property manager collects the rent for the landlord. A facility manager does the maintenance. So one building might have both positions.

    Some property managers order repairs. Some facility managers collect rent..

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