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How well does zoloft work for anxiety disorders linking to depression?

How well does zoloft work for anxiety disorders or is there anything else better that u would recommend that would not put me to sleep. Ive feared social things, going back to school, getting a job and getting infront of people all my life Just wondering wondering if there is something that would help me have a productive life that would help my anxiety? I want even go into a store by myself I panic. Ive always been more to myself because of it no very social.

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    It works pretty damn good for me. I really don't feel sleepy at all just better.

    It's more like your relaxed now that you don't have anxiety. It was a change for me because I couldn't think of a time where I was not panicky except when I was a little kid.

    I started taking zoloft for anxiety/depression going on 2 months now.

    I started at 25mg and am now at 100 mg, and I think I'm staying at 100.

    It is truly amazing for anxiety. Anxiety has made me miserable, but not anymore.

    I haven't had a panic attack in about a month now, and let me tell you it is great. I can go out in public now without a problem, Heart palpitations from anxiety are gone, and it also helps with my obsessive compulsiveness.

    Good luck, you won't regret it!

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    Zoloft For Anxiety And Depression

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    A low dosage on a Benzo -- klonopin or xanax will help with anxiety and if it's a low enough dosage to help you get through the anxiety it might now make you sleepy......There are varying mg's for the medications that can be started low and then built up from. Zoloft is more so for depression than anxiety BUT both Zoloft and one of the above can be taken together and work well....

    I take Pristiq a new antidepressant out and have klonopin for anxiety if needed and the combo does work well together when needed....Talk to your doctor about this and see what he or she thinks about it. I don't think that Zoloft alone is going to help with your anxiety you need a little booster in there....

    -- good luck --

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    Does Zoloft Help With Anxiety

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    Potentially. Zoloft is most definitely used for OCD and anxiety. I think it's even "approved" for Social anxiety disorder. SSRIs are also commonly used for OCD. So the Zoloft may help. You should consult a psychiatrist. Also, you may need to take a higher dose than what usually helps depression and wait a few months for it to start working. As with all other anxiety disorders, therapy, specifically cognitive-behavioral therapy is very important and a combo of CBT and meds is far superior that meds alone for most sufferers. Oh And Prozac isn't an antipsychotic. It's in the same class as Zoloft. Although they are both antidepressants, since OCD and anxiety other thought to be caused by low seratonin levels as well, they are often effective for anxiety. (plus depression accompanies OCD about 80% of the time). Antipsychotics aren't used for OCD under normal circumstances. Anafrail and Luvox are also commonly prescribed for OCD and (I believe) approved for this purpose. (see link below) I hope that helps.

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    Go to a doctor! You firstly need to be correctly diagnosed and then you should work out whether medication is necessary. There is a huge difference between feeling anxious about something and having an anxiety disorder. Anxiety disorders are debilitating. When you say panic do you mean you have a panic attack (hyperventilate, curl up into a bawl, cry, scream...). I'm currently on zoloft and it WAS working but now I fear that it is no longer effective and I will need to increase my dosage. I really must stress that if you are worried about this you should seek professional help. No amount of internet research can help you or solve your problems.

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    Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health problem in the U.S., affecting about one out of five people at any given time. There are many safe nondrug remedies for anxiety. Read here

    Anxiety can take many forms — generalized anxiety disorder (constant worrying about everyday things), obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD, panic disorder, post traumatic stress disorder and social anxiety disorder.

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