What Valentine's Day gifts can you suggest for someone who is on a budget and why?

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and in spite the not-so-favorable economic situation we're all facing right now, people are looking for an inexpensive and yet still extraordinary way to celebrate V-Day. It is still possible to give a meaningful and memorable Valentine's Day gift, one just needs to be creative and true. Share your ideas on the best Valentine's Day gifts on a budget and bear in mind that any gift if given with love will always be priceless! :)

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    suspenders, to keep the pants up lol

    like you said:its the thought that count

    1. Plan and make your partner's favorite meal at home. Instead of waiting for a table at an overcrowded, less-than-intimate restaurant, set the table with your good china, and plan out a menu complete with an appetizer, first course, main dish and dessert. Don't forget to light some candles and put on some romantic music in the background.

    2. Go for a scenic drive. If you have “special spots” where important moments have happened in your relationship, go to each place and talk about the memories.

    3. Write a love letter. How long has it been since you wrote a love letter to your special someone? Take the time to tell him or her the reasons you care in a handwritten letter that is sure to be treasured for all time.

    4. Create a coupon book. Sure, it might seem a little cheesy to sit with construction paper and markers to make up a coupon book, but it's so much fun for the recipient to “cash-in” on the coupons! You can make them for whatever you think he or she will enjoy, from routine daily chores to intimate moments – just have fun with it!

    5. If you and your partner live together (or you have access to their home!) consider taking a day off from work and sneaking in to clean up and decorate for the evening's festivities! Once everything is in it's place, give the furniture a quick dust, vacuum and wash floors, put some potpourri into boiling water to spread the scent, and set up for a picnic (on the bed or living room floor). When your partner comes home, surprise them with a basket full of snacks or dinner, and enjoy relaxed, quiet time together.

    6. Make chocolate covered fruit.

    7. Make a music CD of all your partner's favorite songs, or songs that have meant something to you as a couple. Remember making mixed-tapes as teenagers? Use your computer to put together a compilation CD.

    8. Put together a video slide show of photographs and/or short video clips of you and your partner's relationship together. You can use Windows Movie Maker (free on most PCs) and add captions and fun effects to liven it up and add personality. Burn it to DVD and watch it together.

    9. Forget the store bought cards! (Sorry Hallmark!) Get out some construction paper, scissors, stickers and crayons and markers and go to town making a pretty handmade card. It will mean far more than the store bought variety, and you might surprise yourself and enjoy doing it.

    10. Take a moonlit walk. Much of the country is still quite cold in February, so be sure to bundle up and dress appropriately for the weather. There's something about strolling together under the stars in the moonlight that is extremely romantic and relaxing. Take a step back from the fast-paced world and reconnect through conversation.

    11. Keep an eye on the newspaper, local events channel on your television, and/or the bulletin boards around town. If there are free events at museums or other establishments – take advantage of them and enjoy one another's company doing something new.

    12. If you and your partner typically stay home all the time, you can go out on the town for a change of scenery and not spend a ton of money. Go to a local coffee shop and enjoy a hot beverage of your choice and share a dessert. Don't rush through it like you would on a normal day – linger at the table with your beverage and snack and talk about the past, the present and the future of your relationship.

    13. Try your hand at writing a poem. Even if you don't consider yourself a writer, you can put some thoughts down on paper (rhyming or not) in poem form, and give to your partner who is sure to love it.

    14. Take a photograph of yourself (mild or wild, the choice is yours!!) and put it in a frame for your partner to place on their bedside table.

    15. Do you have a rewards credit card? Find out if you have any rewards to redeem! You can use the points for dinner out or for a hotel room, depending on the rewards program. Many people have rewards credit cards and forget all about the rewards they've earned.

    16. Draw your partner a bath (or perhaps make a bath for two?) Add great smelling bubbles, and put on some soft music. Even if you aren't sharing the tub together, stick around and chat, wash your partner's back, give a massage.

    17. Sprinkle the floor from the front door to the bedroom with rose petals. Add some rose petals to the bed itself! If this is a little too bold for the stage your relationship is currently in, you can use rose petals to decorate the table cloth or float them in a dish with a floating candle.

    18. Create a handmade scrapbook of your relationship. Add photographs, love notes from the past (or current, if you still write them!), add a love poem or new letter.

    19. Surprise your electronic-gadget loving partner with a new folder of songs on their iPod or MP3 player. Make it songs they love or recognize from different events in your relationship.

    20. Give a lengthy massage with no expectations for something in return.

    21. If you can, re-create your first date.

    22. If you and your partner have children, ask your parents or trade babysitting time with another couple with children so each couple gets a kid-free evening to enjoy time without any interruption or child responsibilities.

    23. Play board games by candle light for a twist. Anything you do can be romantic if you turn down the lights and light some candles! Try strip poker for some spice!

    24. Make heart shaped cookies or cake together from scratch (it takes longer that way!) You can color vanilla frosting with red food coloring. Then enjoy them with some milk.

    25. Enlist a friend into giving your partner a singing telegram (for free, as a favor!) They can deliver your handmade card or some balloons and sing a love song to him or her for you.

    26. When you take a shower and steam up the mirror, write them a little message in the steam. The next time your partner goes in for a shower and steams up the bathroom, they'll be able to read the message. You could also sneak in while your partner is showering to leave a steamy message in the mirror for them to read when they step out.

    27. Create a crossword puzzle for your partner, where the clues are all about events and memories involving your relationship together.

    28. Go to wherever your partner is during the day (working, the gym, etc) and put a surprise for them in their car. Balloons, love notes, a cd in the player ready to go.

    29. Leave a lipstick message in the mirror or shower wall.

    30. Take a “sick” or personal day from work and enjoy an entire bonus day and night together.

    31. Videotape a special Valentine message for your partner. If you have children, get them involved. It will make a great keepsake!

    32. Get out your plastic Easter eggs, or just regular envelopes, and hide little love messages and/or heart candy for your partner to scavenger hunt. This can be a fun family Valentine activity if you have children.

    33. Buy an inexpensive bag of tea light candles (or find the bag you already have!) and line every surface in the kitchen or bedroom with lit tea lights for setting the mood.

    34. If it's cold and there is snow on the ground, make a solution of water and red food coloring to paint love notes in the snow for your partner. Don't forget to preserve it with a camera, it won't last long.

    35. Make your partner breakfast in bed, complete with heart shaped pancakes. If there is no time for breakfast in bed, deliver dinner (and perhaps more) in bed.

    36. Get out the romantic comedies from your movie collection and/or borrow from friends for an evening snuggled up on the couch watching movies together.

    37. Create a MySpace or Facebook page dedicated to your partner, and share it with them. Keep it focused on everything you love about your partner, add a special song and photographs of the two of you together.

    38. Plant a tree in a pot indoors, and transplant it outside during the spring months. Call the tree your “love tree”!

    39. Take turns telling your partner what you love about him or her. Do this combined with some of the other items on this list (candle light, dinner at home, a moonlit walk).

    40. Make a list of everything you want to do and experience together with your partner. It can be physical activities, events, places to visit, romantic ideas, etc. Anything you want to share with your partner can go on the list. Half the fun is in daydreaming and coming up with the list.

    41. Make your own “Love Game”. You can make it ahead of time and then play with your partner as a surprise, or enlist help from your partner in creating the game (half the fun!) and then play it together.

    42. Go to the bookstore or library for an inexpensive but fun date night. You can browse the books, play scavenger hunt activities (who can find the answer to a question first?), read from joke books to one another and see who can make the other person laugh outloud, etc. Get creative! Some bookstores have live performers and a coffee shop, too.

    43. Decorate your living room with streamers, turn down the lights and pull the shades. Put on some music, and get dressed up in your fancy “going-out” clothes, and enjoy an evening at home. Dance to the music like you're at a school dance together!

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with others that food is the best you can give when you are on a budget. Not just any food but anything you've made from scratch personally. so no instant recipe or pre-made stuff ok? It is romantic, thoughtful, uncostly and suitable for both guys and gals, even though guys would get more credit i think. But the point is it has to be good so start searching out recipe and practise! If you wanna get away from the cliche of juct cooking a meal for your love or those who can't find a convinient place. Check out this: once someone made a heart shaped croquette (a pastry with crispy skin on outside with potato mash on inside) packed it into a lunchbox layered with assorted lettuce and our containers of different sauces at the corners. He send the lunchbox as a surprise gift all the way to my home on a bike. It has been like ten yrs ago but i never once forgot, so i guess it works. Now it's up to you to adopt this idea make a few variations.

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  • 1 decade ago

    hmmmm. i guess alot of ppl actually are answering for adults. how abt i give some pointers to youngsters?

    1. There is no need for frills and sorts.

    2. If the girl really loves you, she won't be looking forward to how much u are spending on her. On the contrary, she would want you to save for another rainy day.

    3. Girls will wanna know whether u care for the little things you did or she did.

    4. She will hope you can spend the day with her, try and know off all appointments you have for the day.

    5. Make a budget for the day, not too much, it can be little and still spending a great day outside.

    what i suggest:

    1. how about trying to bring her to scenic places? mount faber is a good one with nice scenery and have great spots for star gazing. maybe get some subway or just some bento and eat under the stars, a close hug and a nice kiss to wrap up the day. probably some flowers or so if you can afford.

    2. maybe cooking up some meal if you are chef material? actually it is fine even if your cooking is not up to scratch. just the thoughts that count. maybe cook some steak? or pasta. or whip up a nice choco cake. candles can be bought nearly anywhere. get some soothing music during the dinner is a thumbs up.

    3. u can actually forgo chic restaurants and maybe go for kbuffet? its affordable and is both filling and can have time together. snug up and can even have a laugh at each other. but avoid gazing at the mvs too much and spare some eyes for her =)

    4. get some time now and get a nice notebook. write in your recollections of what u and her did since day 1. i am sure any girl will be impressed and happy with such a present. try to make it as if she is the star in your darkest night.

    5. get some chocolate from any supermarket, can be the cheapo ones and proceed to mild heat it. make it melt and make your own chocolate by refreezing it. you can also add in her favourite fruits and maybe use glazing to write out her name and yours or any other special numbers or codes you have.

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  • 1 decade ago

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hand picked flowers. They show that you took the time, thought and had the patience to give the intended a meaningful gift.

    Wildflowers are the most beautiful. That is jusy my opinion, but they are prettier than any store bought stuff.

    A simple vase or even a basket, woven if you know how to, if you don't. is something to learn.

    A hand woven basket full of fruit and or berries and fresh wild flowers is the bestest.

    That way you also help the enviroment out because you dud not support the trucking and shipping of waxy flowers from California to New York.

    (or visa versa)

    The fruit is so that you can both sit in a park or garden and enjoy the wonder that is the moment.

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  • 1 decade ago

    here's what i thought...instead of spending valentine's day together, as most couples do..why not spending it apart from each other? They can spend the day reminiscing about the time spent with each other, revisiting all their favourite local hangouts like that little cafe that is open 24-hours, taking out and re-living all the photos and gifts that they have been giving each others in the previous years. Or, you know, just spend some quite time at home, thinking about how lucky you are to be in a relationship with this special someone.

    On the next day, you guys can finally get together can share and compare what have you been doing, what are your thoughts and what are your best cherished moments. Maybe you will appreciate your significant other more after this. Nothing like spending valentine's day alone to make you really remember how important your partner is to you. The usual candle-lit dinner, dancing by the beach and going to romantic movies have all been done to death, don't you agree?..

    well, it's something different...and it's not for everyone...

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Its good that this Valentine's day falls on a weekend. You can add lots of time and thought to the carefully thought of but not so expesive gift that you buy for your heart during this financial crisis.(God really does look out for you in time of crisis, doesnt He?). Start the day with your loved ones favorite breakfast, make it your self and wake her up to. Pamper her with a nice spa treatment and that could be her Valentine's gift if she is a spa person or buy her the dress that she has been keeping an eye on....... whatever crisis we are in, a dinner date is a must(most of the restaurants are doing it keeping the crisis in mind......Dolce Vita at Mandarin Oriental has a package at SGD 158++/person with a 1/2 bottle Champagne for the couple, against SGD228++/person with a glass of Champagne what they did in V day 2008). So go for it or you can have romantic dinner at home with a nice Champagne and a good wine if you are a good cook and she digs your food.

    Anyways guy do what suits you and your loved one. Happy Valentines and keep the flame burning.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well, here's what I'm planning, at least.

    1. We'll prepare a DIY 3-course dinner together at home. I mean, he can cook but I'm likely to burn the kitchen down *cough* so I'll just help out here and there.

    2. DIY Facial Massage and Spa!

    3. End with either a stroll at the beach/park or rent a movie and cuddle.

    It beats paying 60-120 bucks per person at some expensive restaurant..

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  • 1 decade ago

    Like I told someone else, try making little origami stars and writing notes in them. It's very cheap and likely to wow those who appreciate creativity and thoughtfulness. It is, however, a bit time-consuming if you make a lot of them.

    Personally, I recommend baking gifts. Not everybody wants or needs jewelry. Baking ingredients tend to be cheaper appreciated immediately. Allrecipes.com has some really good cookie recipes, but here's an idea as well for those of you who are on a budget:

    Pick up a bag of cheap puffed rice cereal (it's cheaper than the box or the name brand) and try making marshmallow treats. Also buy an open-topped, heart-shaped cookie-cutter, and, if you don't have it, a little red food coloring. You can make heart-shaped, pink-to-red rice crispy treats. There are plenty of recipes available for making the basic treats online-- just remember to add some red dye to the marshmallows and to use your fingers (with gloves if you're worried about the dye) to shape and press the cooled treats into a lovely heart shape.

    The great thing about making treats like that is that you can buy the product in bulk cheaply if you want to make a lot of them; but you can also simply save the rest for later treats or breakfast. Red food coloring may already be in your cabinet and can be reused at Christmas or any other holiday.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I think an uniquely hand-made Swarovski Crystal doll make perfect gift as a V day gift! Well, you do not need to make yourself. Visit this website http://crystalsclozet.blogspot.com/ for a wide variety of cute and pretty Swarovski Crystal dolls, at an affordable price!

    I bought some as Christmas presents for my friends last year and they love them! The items looked very expensive ('cos made with Swarovski crystals) but they are actually at affordable price. Some more, as these are hand-made, they are very rarely found and hence, made them very unique.

    Hope the above can provide you with some options while thinking what to buy for your loved ones this coming Valentine's Day.

    Happy Valentine's Day!

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  • 1 decade ago

    Hi Jonas,

    Do you have $12.95 to spend? Do you want to give a unique and creative gift that comes with words from your heart printed right on it? Your meaningfulness comes from the words you type on this gift. Check out www.inacangreetings.com and you'll see what I mean. By the way, In this economy it is always best to type the word inexpensive in front of whatever gift you are looking for with your favorite search engine.

    Take Care

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