Has popular music become less intelligent?

I may be living in the past, but I still like semi-intelligent music like Supertramp (The Logical Song), Boston (Piece of Mind), and Alan Parsons (Time). Also, stars like James Taylor, Gordon Lightfoot, John Denver, and KANSAS seem to have been replaced by the Britany's, hip-hop and Gangta "music". Is there anything out there with any intelligence?


I meant "Gansta" music. Also, what happened to Led Zeppelin, Mood Blues, and all the other 70's & 80's bands that wrote, played, produced, and sang their OWN music?

Update 2:

I still meant "Gangsta"....DOH!!!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I agree with you 100%

    Today's music isn't about music anymore, it's about image, marketing, and money. It is possible to find a good band every now and then coming out with some really great music, but because of their looks or age or lack of sex appeal, they don't get signed and promoted by the major labels the way they deserve. Most of them end up releasing on independent labels, if not creating one of their own; they develop a cult fan base and do alright. But it's not what they deserve.

    The idiots that get plastered all over the TV and radio today are worthless as musicians, and should not be famous for any reason whatsoever.

    Once in a while, a good band will slip a single through to the top ten for a bit; but then the corporate idiots realize it and overpromote their talentless icons to push the good musicians back out.

    *Yay corporations!!!* (sarcasm)

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  • 4 years ago

    I've noticed new music is ether people getting all drunk or drugged, dancing in a club, and sex or it's some guy whining about how hard it was coming up, but yeah, I've got everything now. Personally, I'd just like to see something a little more authentic and thought producing than material things or someone being a braggart. Musically, I really miss groups that played instruments. I wished something a little more 'white' in nature would become popular again. I know it sounds racist, but I don't think I'm down with the hood team. NoFx just needs to make a couple of albums in the same year and punk would be back.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    It always seems less intelligent because all the dumb crap from the past gets forgotten. You listed a load of stuff from the past, but you didn't mention (for example) The Osmonds, Gary Glitter, The Tweets, Jonathan King, The Bay City Rollers, Wham!, David Cassidy, Black Lace, The Chipmunks, Joe Dolce, Renee & Renato, Brother Beyond, Tight Fit, Baltimora, Sinitta... you get the picture.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree

    Music these days is ****.

    there are a few bands i rather like though

    MGMT has a great 70's rock sound.

    Love them

    i really love their song time to pretend The lyrics are COMPLETELY ironic. It is a swipe at the millions of cliched rock bands out there and a reminder to them that if they go down the 'hard drugs, fast cars and loose women' route, then they lose track of where they came from and, therefore, who they really are

    so i find that somewhat 'Intelligent' so to speak lol

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  • intelligence? do you have intelligence for asking such a dumb question? many artist today have great "intelligent" music why dont you try listening for some...you cant juss bag on other genre of music becuz they're not what you listen to....wrote, played, produced, and sang their own music? what? their are many artist and "gangsta" out there who do produce their own stuff...if your speaking in general then your still wrong....Led Zeppelin did not always wrote their own music...heres a list from songs they borrowed or used....

    You Shook Me (Willie Dixon)

    Babe I'm Going To Leave You (Trad. aar)-The Guitar was all Jimmy Page

    Bring It On Home (Willie Dixon)

    I Can't Quit You Babe(Willie Dixon)

    Gallows Pole(Trad. arr)

    Hats off to (Roy) Harper(Trad. arr. Charles Obscure)

    When the Levee Breaks (Menphis Minnie)

    Boogie with Stu (Stewart,Mrs Valens)

    We're Gonna Droove (Ben E. King, J. Bethea)

    The Lemon Song (Howlin' Wolf)

    Traviling Riverside Blues (Plant, Page, Bonham & Jones)

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    There has always been annoying poptastic music but i agree that recently it has gotten worse. Soulful lyrics have been replaced by beats, sex or the same word repeated over and over again. It's infuriating.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree, especially after stumbling across Elbow last week, and then seeing it on BBCi

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