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[Give You Hell]的意思

如題想問Give You Hell呢句野係點解,唔該

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    To give someone hell = to punish someone; to give someone a hard time; to beat someone in a game or something, etc.


    My daddy gave me hell because I failed my final exam.( simple past tense)gave failed

    ( My dad punished罰 me because I failed my final exam.)

    This annoying jerk always talks about people's answers without

    saying a word about his own mistakes. He really gives us hell!!!!!!!!!

    ( That jerk always gives使 others a hard time不安,悲哀,unhappy .)

    to make people feel bad {about the things they have done}, for example.

    We gave that team hell in the game.

    ( We beat打敗 them.)


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    When some one gives you hell it means 他在罵你!

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    去死啦. 去死啦. 去死啦.

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