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蟲奴 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



Growing up, my favorite book was, easily, "Charlie & the Chocolate Factory". Roald Dahl's magical tale of a young boy's adventure in the strange factory was spell-binding. Though I never had a problem with the original "Willy Wonka" move with Gene Wilder (despite how unfaithful it was, it was still a cute and heart-warming movie), I was doing back-flips when I heard Tim Burton, quite possibly my all-time favorite director, would helm a new version of the movie.

First and foremost, Johnny Depp is perfect as Willy Wonka. What people don't really pick up from the first movie is that Wonka was intended to be, well, crazy. He was eccentric and freaky, the way he allowed the rotten children to get what they deserved and protected his factory like it was his child. Gene Wilder portrayed Wonka more like a fatherly-figure, and really was just too nice. Depp pulls out all of the stops as a new Willy Wonka, though there are times that any audience member will get just a bit freaked out.

What I loved most about the movie was how faithful it was to the book. Everything that was mentioned, from the chocolate palace to the hair toffee, was taken directly from the book. I was incredibly impressed.

This is definitely a movie for everyone, especially those of us who hold the original tale in our hearts. Wonka chocolate bars for all!


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    增加在,上面我的喜愛書容易地,是 " 查理和巧克力工廠 ". Roald Dahl 在奇怪的工廠的年輕男孩冒險的不可思議故事是符咒-裝訂。 雖然我從不和基因有了最初的 " 大柳條筐 Wonka" 動作的問題比較野性的 (不在乎它是多麼不誠實,它仍然是一場可愛和溫暖心的電影), 我向後地正在做-突然轉動當我聽到提姆博頓的時候,相當可能地我的全部時間喜愛的指導者,不是嗎電影的一個新版本 。

    第一和最初的,強尼 Depp 當做大柳條筐 Wonka 是完美的。 什麼個人們不從第一場電影真的逐漸恢復是 Wonka 很好地預計,是發狂的。 他是古怪和任性的,方式他讓腐爛的孩子得到他們該得到而且保護了他的像它的工廠是他的孩子。 基因較野性的被描寫的 Wonka 更多同類一父親的-數字,而且真的僅僅太好。 Depp 當做新的大柳條筐 Wonka 拉出所有的停止,雖然有任何的聽眾成員將得到的時代 。

    我愛得最大約的電影是如何忠實的它對書。 被提到了的每件事物,從巧克力王宮到頭髮太妃糖,被直接地從書拿了。 我無法置信地被感動。

    這一定是每個人的一場電影,尤其那些我們誰支撐我們的心的最初的故事。 Wonka 巧克力為全部禁止!

    妳好 ,希望對你有幫助到 !!

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