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城裡沒有人替Cordelia說話,只有老臣The Earl of Kent體會三女兒真誠的話語,可是李爾王卻聽不進去。Cordelia被趕出去後,來提親的法國國王相信三女兒的高貴變帶他離開了。

Cordelia走後,李爾王各跟大女兒、二女兒住一個月,但是她們開始嫌他礙手礙腳,不准父王伺僕太多,最後李爾王憤而出走。後來透過他忠心的老臣The Earl of Kent幫忙,終於跟三女兒見面了,他在得到了Cordelia的原諒後,發瘋破碎的心也得到了原諒。怎之三個女兒間發生了戰爭,雖然大女兒、二女兒死了,但是慘敗被俘的三女兒也死了,最後李爾王就心痛而死了。


謝謝!請幫我翻譯成英文~> < 拜託了!




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    King Lear, who has three daughters, wishes to retire from the throne as he is an old man. He assembles his daughters and declares his plan to divide his kingdom among the three of them. Before that, however, each of them has to express the extent of her love for him. **

    大女兒Goneril 說,她對父王的愛無法用言語形容,他愛她勝過她自己的眼、生命跟自由。二女兒Regan說,他愛父王勝過爸女兒的一切,並舉例證明對父王的愛,李爾王聽完很開心於是各給她們三分之一的國土跟財產。三女兒Cordelia往往在於忠實付出行動,不會說假話的她只說了我愛您,於是被當成忘恩負義趕出家門。

    The oldest, Goneril, flatters him by saying that her love is indescribable and that she loves him more than her own eyes, life, and freedom. The middle child, Regan, claims that she loves him more than anything in the world and gives examples to support these claims. Cordelia, the youngest, refuses to offer any sycophantic comments. Instead, she plainly states that she loves him as much as a daughter should. Lear interprets her lack of fawning as ingratitude and banishes her. He then divides the kingdom evenly between his first two daughters.***

    城裡沒有人替Cordelia說話,只有老臣The Earl of Kent體會三女兒真誠的話語,可是李爾王卻聽不進去。Cordelia被趕出去後,來提親的法國國王相信三女兒的高貴變帶他離開了。

    Nobody stands up for Cordelia except for The Earl of Kent, but his pleas fall on deaf ears. Cordelia is exiled. Her suitor, the King of France, though, is impressed by her integrity and decides to marry her.

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    After Cordelia leaves, Lear decides to live with each of his older daughters for one month at a time. The daughters quickly get tired of him and start to strip him of his power and servants. Lear is outraged and flees his daughters' houses.

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    (第三段繼續)Eventually, through the help of Kent, Lear reunites with Cordelia and gets her forgiveness. War breaks out, however, among his three daughters. His first two daughters lose their lives, but so does Cordelia, who is captured during a battle. At the end, Lear dies from heartbreak and grief.

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    (心得)Reaction: All the tragedies could have been averted if Lear had opened his heart to understand the sincerity of Cordelia's words and didn't fall prey to the ingratiating praises of his older daughters. Also, children should be good to their parents.

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    (心得繼續)They should not just salivate over their inheritance and kick their parents aside once they get it.

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    ** 第一:李爾王本來是想要把他的王國平分給三個女兒。但在她們能得到財產之前,每個女兒必須表達對他的愛才行。他並不是一開始就想要把王國傳給最愛他的那個女兒。

    *** 第二:Cordelia 說了不中聽的話之後,李爾王一氣之下把王國分成兩份(你上面寫三分之一,是不對的喔!) 。

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    The gist:

    Li3 Er3 Wang2 has three daughters, at he 80 several year old don't think then manage politics, he calls to three daughters to want to know who love most him, in order to pass Kingdom she.

    Eldest daughter Goneril says that her love to the father king can't be used a speech description, he loves her to excel her own eye, life and freedom.Two daughter Regans say that his love father king excels daddy's daughter's everything, and gives examples to prove the love to the father king, Li3 Er3 Wang2 finishes listenning to very happy hence each give them 1/3 of the national territories and property.Three daughter Cordelias usually lie in to faithfully pay an action, will not say false words of she only said that I love you, hence is seen as ungrateful expel family.

    No one in the city talks for Cordelia, only old minister The Earl of Kent realize the words of three daughter sincerities, but Li3 Er3 Wang2 listens to not to go in.Cordelia after being expeled go to comes with a marriage proposal of the French king believe that three daughters' nobilities changed to bring him to leave.

    After Cordelia walks, the each heel of Li3 Er3 Wang2 eldest daughter, two daughters stays for a month, but they start disliking his Ai hand Ai feet, prohibiting father Wang2 Ci4 Pu2 is too many and Li3 Er3 Wang2 finally flees in anger.Afterwards through old minister The of his loyal Earl of Kent help and finally met with three daughters, after getting Cordelia pardon, he grew crazy broken up heart to also get pardon.How of three daughter took place war and although the eldest daughter, two daughters died,three daughters with captive fiasco also died and Li3 Er3 Wang2 finally deplore greatly and died.

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