我們從IFFS web-site 得知貴公司的資料,不知是否對我們的產品會有興趣。


我在你們的網站上有看到你們主要是生產office chair的,也知道貴公司在辦公室這方面在市場上是非常知名的,我們公司也有生產椅腳的部份,在這個部分是否有機會可以配合合作的地方,我們也可以針對貴公司的需求,為你訂作適合的產品。

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    dear某某某你好 Dear XXX,

    我們從IFFS web-site 得知貴公司的資料,不知是否對我們的產品會有興趣。

    Through IFFS website we got your company information and not sure if you are interesting for our products.


    We are the best alu. manufacture in Taiwan, also, we are the one of supplier for Ikea. Our company have a stronger design team and we can follow your request to design the product for you.

    我在你們的網站上有看到你們主要是生產office chair的,也知道貴公司在辦公室這方面在市場上是非常知名的,我們公司也有生產椅腳的部份,在這個部分是否有機會可以配合合作的地方,我們也可以針對貴公司的需求,為你訂作適合的產品

    We knew your main product is office chair, and knew you are very profersional on the file of office marketing. Our company also produce the parts of Chair leg. Will appreciate you can review our product category and have a good begining for you.


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    - Dear a certain Hello

    We from iffs Web-site know your company's data, i wonder whether our products will be interested.

    We in Taiwan aluminum products are IKEA in Taiwan of aluminium furniture suppliers.We have powerful design team, you can, in accordance with the guests ' requirements as to provide for appropriate product.

    i am in your Web site on see mainly production office chair, also know that your company in the Office of the market is well, we also have production chair feet, in this section whether or not to have the opportunity to tie in with the cooperation of the place, we can also for your company's needs, as you provide for appropriate product.

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    Dear ______

    We know the information of you company from the IFFS web-site,

    It's wonder to know ,your company will or not to get interesting for

    our product。

    We are aluminum manufactory,also a provider of IKEA which

    maintain the furnitures of aluminum。We own the powerful team of

    design that can fit the perfect production for customer by it's needs。

    We have found the main production from your company website

    are "office chair",and know your company is famous by design

    "office",by the way ,we also has product "chair foot" so in that

    case! Does any opportunity to cooperate with you company?

    we also can according the needs from your company to make the

    proper production。

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