Bible contradiction, can somebody explain me this verse?

Paul relates his story three times in the Bible (Acts chapters 9, 22, and 26), and each time there appear to be differences, even contradictions. There are many details that differ between the three accounts. A well-known problem concerns the other witnesses who were with Paul. Look at the three accounts:

-- Acts 9:7 --

And the men which journeyed with him stood speechless, hearing a voice, but seeing no man.

-- Acts 22:9 --

And they that were with me saw indeed the light, and were afraid; but they heard not the voice of him that spake to me.

--Acts 26:14 --

And when we were all fallen to the earth, I heard a voice speaking unto me. . .

Did the others hear the voice or not? Did they fall or remain standing?

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    its not a contradiction

    acts 22:9 they heard not the voice.

    study the greek words, it means they heard the voice but did not know what it said or where it came from.

    acts 26:14

    yes they saw the light, fell to the ground because of the holy light

    Acts 9:7

    after they got up they went to paul and stood speechless hearing a voice and seeing no man.

    your taking the verse as if they stood while listening to the man. The greek is not written like english. When translated it does not come out in smooth english sentence.

    The men stood speechless, pausing because of the comma. They heard a voice not seeing any one.

    Its the way it is written in greek.

    There is no contradiction

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    It doesn't say how many were with Paul, so it is possible some saw the light and others didn't and some heard something while others didn't.

    They must have seen the light but did not see Jesus. Paul says he did.

    Perhaps they all saw light and heard something and fell down, but when they got up (and stood speechless) Paul was still on the ground hearing Jesus speak to him.

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    The book of acts was written by Luke, Luke wrote his own book from eyewitness accounts of things he did not himself witness.

    in Acts 9 it was a description of Pauls conversion Luke heard from someone else.

    In the others, it is Pauls own words. either way the one thing consistent in all 3 is God spoke to Saul and Saul obeyed.

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    What's amusing is that the bible is the complete Word of God. On the one hand christians are saying it's written by men who a fallible so some details are going to be wrong, while at the same time saying god speaks through these divinely-inspired people, meaning if the bible is god's word then god does mistakes.

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    First of all, Paul was a mortal man.

    Secondly, how many times have YOU ever told the same story and told it differently in one way or another?

    Geez, constantly looking for something that isn't there. Always nitpicking our Lords Words.

    Paul was just a man. He wasn't God. He was a M*A*N. Get over it!!!!

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    The first contradiction is 800,00 valiant men compared to 1,000,00 men that drew sword. Valiant men are those Seals team or West Coast graduates we have today who have the brain and guts to fight and win in battle. That means the northern tribes of Israel have 200,000 men who like to do the engineering, food service, medical and clerical and weak knees who only wear the uniform but not battle hardened. The contradiction is in your brain but not Yahweh. The 2nd contradiction was who made David to do a census in Israel and Judah. The book of Chronicles was from Yahweh's point of view while The book of Samuel was from the human point of view. In the Old Testament, man point of view sees punishment and death comes from Yahweh in order not to give glory to Satan. The flood during Noah was seen as the wrath of Yahweh for man's sin but in the writings of Peter, it was revealed that the flood was caused by those spirits in prison who steered an icy comet to the earth and caused the extra layer of clouds to condensate as rain to earth and ice to strike the earth and water to shoot out from the ground as springs. Yahweh is love and no darkness at all. If Yahweh lifted his grace on earth, Satan is willing to destroy earth. That is why right after the rapture on December 20th, the day of wrath will come on the 21st. So the 2nd contradiction is again in your brain. The 3rd contradiction is the counting of time. Yahweh lifted his grace on the land for three years but the effect of the famine to the people was seven years. It is like getting sick with a fever. The fever will only last 3 days but will will fully recover in 7 days. Again, it depends whose point of view are you looking. It is a matter of who is judging. The contradiction is in your brain.

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    I will try and explain by telling a story myself. Let us say that you and I attended the same party. Would you and I recall every detail the same? What if I was in the swimming pool, talking to the host, and we were both in our bathing suits. You were not around the pool. You were never in a bathing suit- would that make one of us wrong about the party? of course not.

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    They stood speachless when they heard a voice (probably an angel acting as an announcer or something), then fell to the ground in fear. Then another voice spoke only to Paul and the others didn't hear it.

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    I can not say for sure as I was not there but when people retell tails they generally change often making it more. there is also the question of the one who wrote it easy to make a small slip like that.

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    im sorry, but im not seeing any contridictions here. there are better verses to try and pick apart than these to prove your 'theory'

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