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Alex Rodriguez allegedly took steroids. Should he be voted into the Hall of Fame when he retires?

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    No, not when he broke the rules. It cost him his chance, sorry! You take the drugs you ruin the career!

  • The answer lies into how the word allegedly gets resolved. If he is found to be guilty of using steroids and performance enhancers, it will certainly cloud what he would have been without them, although I believe that even without them, he would still have been an amazing player. I feel the same about Bonds, Sosa, McGwire, and numerous other players who have been named - they all got to the highest level of competition and had several years of success.

    The other thing to remember is that just like we have the "dead ball era," the "pitcher's era" and so on, the period from the late 1980s to the early 2000s will be known as the "steroid era" when it's looked back on 20, 50, and 100 years from now. It was a part of the game, and when viewed in the larger context of the billions of dollars that funnel through Major League Baseball, they will most likely be viewed in a different context than we are viewing them now.

    Think about the era when gambling and fixing games was common in the early 1900s - players were paid such a small amount and didn't have the luxury of arbitration and free agency that they were willing to throw games to supplement their income. How do their stats look in comparison to those who went out and busted their rump because they stood to benefit from it financially on their next contract?

    Some things to consider - only time and discussions like this will tell how Alex Rodriguez and other players of this era will be viewed when it comes to the Hall of Fame and their place in baseball history.

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    No, Barry Bonds should not be voted into the hall of repute b/c if Mark McGwuire isn't on the hall of repute pollthis 3 hundred and sixty 5 days b/c of a juiced ball that he hit for his seventieth abode run and b/c he took steroids then Bonds should not be voted into the hall of Fasme after he retires. Barry Bonds is likewise l. a. liar while it got here to the steroid scandel in 2004, saying that he never took steroids and saying that he replaced into provided the steroids by using BALCO.

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    No one should be excluded from the Hall based on any allegation. Ty Cobb allegedly killed a man and he's in the HOF. Gaylord Perry went on national television and showed everyone how he cheated by loading the ball with Vaseline, or sneaking file marks on the ball, and he's in the Hall. If we took out all the cheaters(not that anyone can say for sure if A.Rod cheated) we would be able to fit the Hall of Fame in the average bathroom.

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    I really can't say. These people are idiots though. Ego got the best of them. Clemens, Bonds, and Rodriguez were all great and would have been remembered and idolized even if they never took steroids. But people get greedy for fame and recognition, then ruin their reputations in the process.

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    A-rod didn't allegedly take roids. He tested positive which means he definately took them. Yes he should be in. As should Bonds, Clemens, and Mcguire. They all took steroids, but when you see anywhere from 20% to 90% percent of players taking them it is a level playing field.

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    Just cause you took steroid for 2-3 years that doesn't make you great at baseball for the rest of your life.

    Say he did take it for 3-4 years.

    Look at his numbers for 15 years, is he still a good player?

    If so, let him in.

    This whole era will be tainted as the "Steroid Era" anyways.

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    who could probably ask this question about every borderline hall of fame player in this sure every1 has done steroids once and just not got caught....this whole era of baseball will be tainted....and if we want to not let anyone into the Hall thatd be fine with me....but we cant say ok Bonds took steroids and hes not getting in but ARod took steroids too but wasnt caught as much so he gets in.....that just doesnt seem fair to me

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    I say the key word is allegedly but not proven, so unless it's actually proven, he's a first ballot HOFer & to the poster who said he's isn't that great apparently doesn't know much about baseball I guess

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    The key word is 'allegedly'. Unless there is a ton of circumstantial evidence, I'd have to presume him innocent unless proven otherwise.

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    at A-Rod's pace he will be eligible for the HOF in 2022, by that time all of our opinions will change on this topic

    A-Rod is a first ballot HOF'er

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