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At the end of the movie "Coraline" it says, " For those in the know Jerk Wad." What do they mean?


I just saw the 3D version and I waited to the very end of the movie (after the crediets) and it says, " For those in the know Jerk Wad." I do not understand what this means but it is bothering me. Please answer!

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    obviously your not in the know.

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    If you go to the Coraline Official Website and poke around a bit, you might find a special link. If you click that link, enter "jerk wad," and answer a question about the movie correctly, you can enter for a chance to win a pair of shoes.

    Hope that helps.

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    Jerk Wad

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    This Site Might Help You.


    At the end of the movie "Coraline" it says, " For those in the know Jerk Wad." What do they mean?

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    Coraline is very angry when Wybie shows up to get that doll back and she’s chasing him, throwing her boots at him. I didn’t know what an insult that could be until the incident with President Bush having shoes thrown at him during his visit to Iraq. In Middle Eastern countries they’ll think Coraline is really angry! I just put words together to express her anger and came up with “jerkwad.” The people who put together were looking for a word they could use as a clue for an online contest. These are the exact words from the director himself. Hope this helps you. Good day.

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    No... The "White Stuff" is a new trendy group Disco Dance that involves everybody dancing in synchronicity, and wearing white nurse's shoes...

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