what was Van Buren’s greatest contribution to the nation?

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    Van Buren was the first president born after the Declaration of Independence was signed. He was the first president born as a citizen of the U.S.

    The term "It's O.K." came from Van Buren, who grew up in Kinderhook, New York. After he went into politics, he became known by the nickname "Old Kinderhook." Soon people were saying "Is it OK?" reffering to Van Buren, and the word okay was derived.

    Van Buren was the only incumbent President to run for re-election without a vice-presidential running-mate.

    Van Buren was a third cousin twice removed to Theodore Roosevelt.

    Van Buren made three unsuccessful bids for reelection.

    His autobiography does not mention his wife once.

    Van Buren took $100,000, the sum of his salary as president over four years, in a lump sum at the end of his term.

    The only president of Dutch ancestry, Van Buren and his wife spoke Dutch at home.

    Martin Van Buren's favorite foods were oysters, doughnuts, raisins, figs, and apples.

    Van Buren owned two tiger cubs as pets.

    Van Buren's favorite sport was riding horses.

    He was named after his grandfather, Martin Van Buren.

    When he was Vice President, he presided over the Senate with loaded pistols!

    in a bold step, Van Buren reversed Andrew Jackson's policies and sought peace at home, as well as abroad. Instead of settling a financial dispute between American citizens and the Mexican government by force, Van Buren wanted to seek a diplomatic solution. Also, in August 1837, Van Buren denied Texas' formal request to join the United States. "Van Buren gave a higher priority to sectional harmony than to territorial expansion" ("Martin Van Buren" 103-114).

    In the case of the ship Amistad, Van Buren sided with the Spanish Government to return the kidnapped slaves. Also, he oversaw the "Trail of Tears", which involved the expulsion of the Cherokee tribe in 1838 from Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and South Carolina to the Oklahoma territory. Van Buren was determined to avoid war.

    "Van Buren entered the presidency not only as the heir to Jackson's policies, Jefferson's ideology of limited government, and Smith's principles of political economy, but also an accomplished politician with a statesmanlike vision of the dangers facing the nation. This complex heritage would shape the new president's response to the multiple challenges of 1837."("Martin Van Buren" 103-114)[citation needed]

    In 1839, Joseph Smith, Jr., the founder of the Latter Day Saint movement visited Van Buren to plead for the U.S. to help roughly 20,000 Mormon settlers of Independence, Missouri (which would become the hometown of future President Harry S Truman), who were forced from the state during the 1838 Mormon War there. The Governor of Missouri, Lilburn Boggs, had issued an executive order on October 27, 1838, known as the "Extermination Order". It authorized troops to use force against Mormons to "exterminate or drive [them] from the state".[10][11] In 1839, after moving to Illinois, Smith and his party appealed to congressman and to President Van Buren to intercede for the Mormons. According to Smith's grand-nephew, Van Buren said to Smith, "Your cause is just, but I can do nothing for you; if I take up for you I shall lose the vote of Missouri."[12][citation needed]

    Van Buren took the blame for hard times, as Whigs ridiculed him as Martin Van Ruin. Van Buren's rather elegant personal style was also an easy target for Whig attacks, such as the Gold Spoon Oration. State elections of 1837 and 1838 were disastrous for the Democrats, and the partial economic recovery in 1838 was offset by a second commercial crisis in that year. Nevertheless, Van Buren controlled his party and was unanimously renominated by the Democrats in 1840. The revolt against Democratic rule led to the election of William Henry Harrison, the Whig candidate.

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    Being a law abiding citizen is a good sample. But, for us to totally achieve great changes, people who serve on our government must do their role also and must set as an example by following what is being mentioned on our constitution, they knows it but they are the one who violate things and straighten it also by using other means. As an OFW, I think our monthly contribution is enough to raise and save our economy to flank and fall down into misery. Good luck ...............

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