How do I make money from the photos I have taken?

I have accumulated a large collection of quality photos that I would l ike to make some money from. I've sold a few framed pics on Craigslist, but would like to do something more. Any hints? I have some really nice photos of the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk that I would like to sell - maybe as postacards? I'm not going for full artistic exposure (though it would be nice!). I just want to make some money on some nice photos I have taken.

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    1) The first step to make money with your digital photos is to find a stock photo agency that is ready to display your digital photos on their website for sale. Search on any of your favorite search engine such as Google, Altavista etc. for a key word such as "selling your photos online", "stock photo agency" or "sell your digital photos online". Open the links that you find in a new window so that you can compare the terms and conditions of the agencies. Pick the agency that suits you the most for selling your digital photos, and then sign up.

    2) Now upload the pictures that you think are your best ones for your selected agency. The uploading procedure would vary from site to site. Just follow the instructions given to you. And after pasting you have to wait awhile to get some results. However you should remember that you can make higher profits with top quality digital pictures.

    3) You have to master your camera .This is a very simple yet powerful step. You don't need to spend money to do so. Just thoroughly read the user manual of your camera and do plenty of practice. Ultimately, practice makes perfect. Compare your pictures with the best selling pictures on the websites. Try to do different experiments with your digital cameras. If you bring a new thing in the market your picture will be in demand. As you should know unique pictures are always in demand. So you have to create your demand in the market.

    Obviously, there are certain tips and tricks of the trade. You have to learn how you can sell and where you can sell. After you have learnt all these things you would be able to make money with your digital photos.

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    You can sell them to online stock photo websites. Just type into search bar stock photos.

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