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I go to beauty school, How do i go about getting a job doing make up in a store like macys, dillards...?

I currently go to beauty school and want to get into make up. a few make up artists have come to my school and said a good start is to work for places like chanel, clinique, stores like macys and things like that, but how do i apply online for these places?

please helpful answers only! and if you have any other job ideas for cosmetologists in the making that would be great because i would take anything at this point!!

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    You don't have to go to beauty school to become a makeup artist. You should go to a makeup school. Cosmetologist's get jobs in salon cutting hair and hair coloring and perms. That kind of thing. To work at a counter all you need to do is ask for an application or apply through the department store. Like to work for mac you can just give them your resume. You need to get your self into a good makeup school like Makeup Designory or Makeup Academy. Those are good makeup schools. You take the courses you need depending on what type of makeup artist you want to be. You can be a special effects artist or a print and advertising makeup artist or television and videos artist. That's why you need to go to a special makeup school for that. I went to beauty school hoping to become a makeup artist but they barely taught any makeup. It was supposed to be like ten hours of makeup and we did like 30 minutes. The person teaching us was this old lady. I could've taught her more about makeup. I think you get good experience and training by working behind a counter. But it won't necessarily make you a makeup artist. You just gotta practice alot and get your name out there. Like betting business cards and do free makeup for photoshoots in trade for photo's to put in your portfolio. Good luck.

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    The department stores hire for specific brands in their beauty departments. Go to the career sections of the internet sites for each department store (obviously for the stores in your area.)

    Going directly on the website for the specific brand will give you results for careers within that company - like customer service reps, etc directly related to thier corporate office.

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    I would persoanlly go up to the counters and ask for an application

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    ask for the human resources off ice, and talk tot hem about a position.

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    hi you can try this one:

    with videos in how to apply makeup step by step

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