What is it like living in the USVI?

How are the job prospects (I'm a bartender, licensed merchant marine captain, former scuba instructor, dive boat captain, parasail boat captain, B.S. in business management)? Has the resent economic collapse hurt the Islands greatly? Housing costs? What's better: St. Thomas or St. John, and why? Is it good to liveaboard there, and is there much hassle against liveaboards from local law enforcement (I'm from the FL Keys and have seen this increase greatly over the years)? From the standpoint of snorkeling from shore, where is the best area to be near? Rumor has it that crime is rampant in the USVI, is that true?

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    Well one thing is for sure you won't be without a job.

    The recent economic caollapse has effected the Islands.

    I recommend you follow their local paper for a bit before you make any serious decisions:



    Home prices for the VI or expensive!!!!! Think of New York and San Fransico in water.

    St. Thomas v St. John is like comparing chocolate and strawberries. They are different. ST. John is like living in a natural park. ST. Thomas more like a resort.

    Crime~ When I lived there a little girl as I was could walk from one end of the island to another with out problems. I am in my 30s now.

    STT and STC has influxes of crime at times. But oddly enough it dies down a lot. The problem with a small island as these are, any major happening will be felt throughout the region.

    IE a huge influx of "new residents" from other islands will cause some settling pains, including crime.

    Read the paper. But I remember those as very happy times living there. I had lots of friends, and if you can get use to the fact when you go into a restuarant you are going to sit for a while before service is rendered you can be part of the island life style. They are not even being rude they think it is poor taste to rush you.

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    I felt the need to respond to this when I saw the other person's response. Not saying I disagree but I do think that there is more to life here than that. I currently live on the North side of St. Thomas. Not sure where your friend is but I would strongly suggest living on this part of the island. It's cooler and we have not had any problems with crime thus far. I don't feel afraid of getting mugged BUT we are pretty safe about it. You'll have to learn the areas to not go late at night, to not leave your car unlocked, etc. If you're smart about it, you should be okay, especially because your friend probably already knows a lot about living on the island. There is SO much to do here for fun, especially outdoors. My boyfriend and I spend our free time going to the beach, snorkeling, swimming, boating, scuba diving, gardening, cooking (especially grilling year round) and hiking. There are some great restaurants and bars here! Traveling to other islands from St. Thomas is so easy. We often go to the BVIs for day trips or to St. John to go camping for a few days. I've met people on softball teams, dart leagues, wii bowling teams, you name it! If you haven't already, I would take a trip (as long as possible) to come experience life on St. Thomas before you make your decision. Try to live like you are a local and not on vacation - go to the post office, the bank, the grocery store, etc. Good luck with your decision. I say - make the move! I have not regretted it for a second. I love life here!

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