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SHOULD I PLAY football?

i'm a junior and have been training to play football my senior year. i havent played in years but thought i'd be cool to play my senior year and not graduate with regrets. i bench 240 squat 380 and clean 190, so i'm not quite a pussy lol. but i wouldnt wanna slow the team down from doing good. should i play?

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    you should play...try out all sport in HS and love every second of will be over before you know it!

    I am sure you know--that how much you can bench and squat dont have a lot to do with being able to play football...but it is very good that you are working out and it is needed to keep up in all sports. Along with weights, you should start running too!! you need to be able to put up 4qtrs of 100% play to make it...

    you might want to also get an idea of where you will fit in best on a football team...are you a big boy and want to play line, fast and like taking hits to play RB, good hands and fast for a WR type, maybe just mean and an athelete and want to play D??

    AND, work out on the field with your friends from the have a lot of catch up to do if you want to compete with the guys who have played all through highschool

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    You wouldnt want to slow the team down? That wont be a problem....if you are good enough you will play and presumably help the team, if you arent good enough no coach will allow you on the field long enough to "slow the team down". Your weightlifting numbers mean you could likely hold up to the physical end of the game but that means nothing if you dont know the mental part of the game like positional play, understanding your position skill set and most of all executing it better than your teammates you could bench 350, squat 500 and clean 300 and still be the waterboy. I can tell you for a fact you are already way behind the guys who know what the coach expects of them so learning the playbook will be just as important as physical ability and take the time to put in extra work with your position coach (show a willingness to be good and they will respect you, dont and you will have a great view of the game standing there with the coach who will remind you how hard you didnt work during the game).

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    If it were me, I would. Football is a big committment and if you really want to play the game, not just to wear a jersey, you should definately play. Good maxes by the way, don't neglect your core strength.

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    ok u would never slow the team down cuz ur not good cuz if u arent good then u jus wont play. but yes u should def try an play.

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    definately do it!alot of my friends are on my highschool team and bench as much as you do and are the captains and the top ones on the team.if you dont like it then you can stop,but you dont want any regrets so go for it!!=]

    good luck!!!

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    Yes why not, like you said if you don't then you might have regrets.

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    you should.

    i'm a dazzler [dancer] for my school and we do halftime shows;

    you seem like one of the seniors.

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    well i can benach 315 and i ben playin for 7 years so....ya play

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    Good luck.

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    Yes! I say go for it!

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