Is anyone else out there tired of having "cultural sensitivity" shoved down their throat?

I am working on a masters' degree and everything I have taken the last 6 months sounds like cultural sensitivity training.

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    1 decade ago
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    Most cases of cultural acceptance include being sensitive to other cultures while they spit all over yours...

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    I agree I'm exhausted. I use to think those old people who would just say whateever were so horrible - but now I understand. I almost think I'm becoming one of them.

    The worse part for me is - don't come to this country and bring your culture. What would they think if I went to <country> and started whining about where's the VH1 shows? Hey ... why isn't everyone here drinking Starbucks and eating Big Macs?? Oh and I need everyone to speak English. Just change your whole system around to accomodate me.

    Rant over. :-)

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    Welcome to the joys of rational concept. 80 5% of folk do not very own it, and that they'll attempt each flimsy trick interior the e book to aim to get you to have self belief that fiction is actuality. yet, as quickly as your eyes are opened you may under no circumstances flow back. Welcome to the club. this is tricky to be surrounded by people who think of this is their accountability to maintain you or to transform you. they're blind and ignorant - that's precisely who faith replaced into designed for. No offense on your loved ones meant.

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    Dear Lord yes, it's mind numbing isn' t it? I dread it when I go overseas because it's ungodly in in the UK.

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    1 decade ago

    Yes. They say to not see color, but by telling you not to see a black person as black, there telling you that he's black.

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    1 decade ago

    Whats your problem anyways, what did black people do to you to make you us so much?

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