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Buy games from manufacturer?

Is it possible to buy halo wars from it's manufacturer for a cheaper price? Like Gamestop buys it probably for like 20-30$ and sell them for 60, thats how they make money, do you think i can get it from it's manufacturer? If so please tell me how! I just played the demo and im am addicted!!!!!!

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    No, manufacturers sell games to game stores at wholesale prices which is why they get them so cheap. If you were to bypass the game store and buy direct you'd have to be buying in bulk (probably by the hundreds) thereby making this an impossible route to take. Most manufacturers won't even deal with independent parties anyhow... only with businesses.

    Maybe try eBay to see if someone has it for cheaper? Either that, or's Marketplace.

    Hope that helps!

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    Manufacturers of products are required by law to charge retail price for their products. If you buy a game from a manufacturer, you must pay full retail price for it. Your best bet is to look for a Web-based business that sells games at a discount. And be sure to shop around. Just because a particular business sells one game cheaper than all the others doesn't mean all of their games are cheaper. - LJS

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