child support question?

Who covers the copay for the child if the noncostodial parent pays insurance for the child??Is it 50 50 ??

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    Child Custody laws describe the responsibility of guardianship over a child. In cases of divorce where children are involved, a court must rule on a child custodial arrangement as one of the terms of the divorce. Divorcing parents are free to reach agreement on an acceptable custody arrangement, however, in the minority of cases where parents dispute some aspect of the custody arrangements, the court will examine the family, the child, and the qualities or misdemeanors of either parent, before delivering a legally binding judgment intended to put the well-being of the child first. It is usually far preferable to reach a settlement outside of court, putting less strain on affected children, and being cheaper for the parents to avoid litigation.

    Some examples of common arrangements made under child custody law include:

    * One parent has full time custody. Other parent may be deceased, abandoned, or barred from access to the child.

    * Mother has custody during the week, during school semesters; father has custody on weekends and optionally during school holidays, at the child's preference.

    * Shared custody, where the child moves freely between his or her parents' two homes at will. Normally this would be seen where the children are in their late teens, and the divorce was amicable.

    * One parent has sole custody, however a court order allows the other parent Visitation Rights, either under supervision at an agreed location (would only be seen in cases of previous abuse), or under more relaxed conditions where the child might accompany the visiting parent for an afternoon.

    When a court considers a judgment on child custody, both mother and father are to be considered as having equal rights and responsibility to parent their children until they turn 18. Should a judge ultimately rule that one parent be given the greater portion of custodial time, he will do so out of consideration for the well-being of the child. Statistically, the mother is far more likely to be given the greater portion of custodial time than the father in the minority of cases that require court intervention.

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    Responsibility for out of pocket medical expenses and insurance are addressed as a separate order from the child support order. If you're divorced and your divorce decree doesn't specify how out of pocket medical expenses are to be divided and you can't agree then you'll have to seek an order relative to medical expenses. It really does vary from situation to situation, so there isn't a way to give a "right" answer here. In the case of my divorce, I'm the primary physical custodian and am also responsible for providing health insurance. Out of pocket medical expenses are divided 50/50. There really can be any number of combinations. It all comes down to what's in the court order.

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    Look at the decree. It should be spelled out there. If not, it is usually split 50/50 by agreement of the parties.

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    newborn help and custody are 2 different subject concerns. the two could desire to be courtroom ordered. on the grounds that your father became into courtroom ordered to pay newborn help on your mom, that's what he's doing. on the grounds which you mom became into granted custody of you via way of yet another courtroom order, you reside along with her. in case you choose to stay which incorporate your father, and your mom isn't prepared to permit you to realize this, he could choose to return to courtroom and petition that the unique ruling giving your mom custody be overturned. to be sure that that to be triumphant, he could could desire to coach that residing which incorporate your mom is achieveable on your existence and protection. So no, you announcing you do unlike your mom (as all toddlers your age do faster or later) won't make a decide overrule an present custody order.

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    5050 I recieve child support anything I pay for that kind of stuff he has to pay half of.

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