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I need to write something about Union Flags and about Confederate flags. please help me. thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu?

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    There were many variations in the Confederate flags and particularly the battle flags.

    National flags are those that identify a nation. These flags were very important and a matter of great pride to those citizens in the Confederate States of America. It is also a matter of great pride for their ancestors as part of their heritage and history. For the first 24 days, the Confederate government had no officially approved flag.

    A committee on Flag and Seal was appointed by the Provisional Congress, the chairman of the committee was William P. Miles of South Carolina. Hundreds of flag designs were received from all over the new nation and from the now foreign country of the United States. There was an unwritten deadline for a flag design of 4 March 1861 because that was the day Lincoln was to be inaugurated president of the United States. On that date the Confederate States were determined to fly a flag to express their own sovereignty.

    There were 3 major "official" flags of the Confederate nation from 1861 to 1865, but many people only know of the "Battle Flag", which was not a national flag at all.

    On 9 January 1861 the Convention of the People of Mississippi adopted an Ordinance of Secession and a large blue flag with a single white star was raised over the capital building in Jackson. Although the Confederate government did not adopt it, the people did.

    On the morning of 4 March 1861 large models of the proposed flags were hung on the walls of the Congressional chamber. The First National Flag "The Stars and Bars" was adopted on the same day it was to be raised over the capitol at Montgomery. A flag made of soft merino wool was completed within two hours of it's adoption by the Congress. The very first flag of the Confederate States of America was raised by Miss Letitia Christian Tyler, grand- daughter of President John Tyler. Six weeks later it was flying over Fort Sumter in Charleston Harbor.

    The Original First National Flag of the Confederacy can still be seen today at Beauvoir, which is the Jefferson Davis Memorial and Shrine, located in Biloxi, Mississippi, on the Gulf Coast Highway. It had 7 stars in a circle on a blue field, to represent the 7 states of the CSA. Later versions would have 11 stars and then eventually 13 stars as other states were admitted to the Confederacy. The bars consisted of two red and one white.

    Lots more at the link.

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    The Union Flag - the Flag of the United Kingdom - has undergone one major revision since it was designed in 1606 - the addition of the St Patrick's cross, representing Ireland in 1801.

    The Flag of the USA during the civil war - Unionist was the same flag as before the conflict - the Stars and Stripes.

    The flag of the confederacy underwent several design changes - the one that is commonly thought of as the flag is actually the battle flag. The final flag of the CSA was the "Blood Stained Banner".

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