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Create an Invention!?

I have to create a new invention that could make everyday activities easier.... HELP?!

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    I am going to have to say that is something you have to do yourself.

    If it is for homework, that is something you have to do yourself.

    For commercial purposes, there could be certain legal problems with me giving you an invention.

    The totaling grocery cart has been invented, I seen some university engineering students make one. It would just have to be worked into a commercially viable product.

    Generally, you could invent things from scratch, but I think the money might be in merging the right technologies into a commercial product, or making prototype inventions such as the totalizing shopping cart, whose individual technologies exist, into a sellable product.

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    good luck hope this helps:

    A grocery cart with sensors on the side that would read the bar codes on items and add up the prices as you shop so you knew exactly how much money that you would spend.

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    Every geek answering questions in this forum would love to figure something like this out.

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