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Help What Degree should I get?

I am torn between a business degree or something in health care , or I could get a plant maintenance degree and I soon as I graduate I will have a job with AEP but travel 75% of the time.... But im from a country town, Drive a big truck and my apparel is country, But I like the city i plan on moving to Nashville or Lexington KY... I want to make 50K plus what should I do or if you have any other degrees that you think I should consider let me know

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    If you want to go pre-med. you can major business and still do the pre-med. requirements. I really recommend staying with business because, that will guarentee you lots of money. Only catch with that is it costs alot more to major business. Plant maintenance is more of a very specialized job which means if there are no positions for that specific job no job for you. In contrast, if you look at business its definition pretty much is knowing how to use money.

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