Black screen on youtube videos?

Whenever I try to watch a video on youtube, the page loads, but all I see on the video portion is a black screen????

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    THEIR BOGUS AND UNNECESSARY SOFTWARE, which is really insulting since you

    cannot even access or watch videos.

    It looks like lots of people are asking about YouTube screens

    and players that are blank/white/black. Thus, I recently spent

    2 hours googling, researching and reading multiple-dozens of

    help forums and threads. The best that I was able to surmise

    is that there is no definitive solution out there. However, there

    was one interesting factor in nearly everything I saw:...Firefox.

    A few people seemed to discover their own unique solution to

    this problem, but no one else was able to duplicate the same

    result. Also, each one of those apparent solutions was overly

    complicated and written in such bafflegab convoluted "techno-

    computerese" that I would not dream of recommending those

    potential fixes.

    However, I also did come across 4 somewhat easier possible

    solutions, so check these out:

    1) If you have a Mac and are using Firefox, apparently logging

    out of YouTube restores everything.

    2) One person found success by simply clicking the following:

    go to → Tools → Quick Preferences → Edit Site Preferences

    → Network tab → Browser Identification → Identify as Firefox.

    3) Three other people said all they needed to do was delete a

    program called "Gnash" (whatever that is).

    4) The last possibility is for you to double-check your internet

    connection if it's slow or weak -- because some people wrote

    that they always noticed "1 item remaining" in the bottom left

    corner of their browser screen.

    Sorry, but that's all that I can realistically recommend for you.

    If you are interested in researching this subject matter further,

    please feel free to type any of these into Google's search box:

    -- youtube "blank screen"

    -- youtube "blank player"

    -- youtube "blank box"

    -- youtube "white screen"

    -- youtube "white player"

    -- youtube "white box"

    -- youtube "black screen"

    -- youtube "black player"

    -- youtube "black box"

    If nothing above does your thing, let me suggest what I advise

    so many other folks when YouTube goes slow, stuck or weird:

    Clear your "cache" of its "Cookies", "History" and "Temporary

    Internet Files". What I call my famous "CHTIF triple-cure" has

    solved 100s of people's YouTube problems, so why not your's.

    Simply do the following, then shutdown and reboot:

    Internet Explorer 6:

    → Tools → Internet Options

    → Delete Cookies → OK

    → Delete Files → OK

    → Clear History → Yes

    → OK

    Internet Explorer 7:

    → Tools → Internet Options > Delete...

    → Delete files → Yes

    → Delete cookies → OK

    → Delete history → OK

    → Close (browsing history window)

    → OK

    Mozilla Firefox

    → Tools → Clear Private Data

    [x] Browsing History

    [x] Download History

    [x] Saved Form and Search History

    [x] Cache

    [x] Cookies

    → Clear Private Data Now

    The only other thing I can think of is that your "Flash" may be

    a problem. The most recent versions of "Flash" are frustrating

    lots of YouTubers. Updates are typically good for only 1 thing:

    software conflicts. If you are using 1 of the 5 different versions

    of version 10 (yes there are 5), you may want to consider this

    other "Best Answer" of mine:

    If you are able to determine the "cause" and the "cure", could

    you please click on my avatar and let me know by writing me.

    (P.S.: two people who've chosen me "Best Answer" later said

    that things apparently went okay the next day, without having

    done anything special on their part)

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    Youtube Videos Black Screen

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    Youtube Black Screen

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    Black screen youtube videos? Fixit

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  • 5 years ago

    I fixed my black screen for youtube (windows 7-64 bit) by

    1) uninstalling google chrome and reinstalling it

    2) Downloaded and installed adobe shockwave player for windows 7- 64 bit

  • 6 years ago

    I use Firefox and had the same problem with the black screen so I went to Internet Explorer and it worked.

  • 5 years ago

    Awesome answers given

  • 6 years ago

    I've got an idea. I was havign the same problem then I went on google chrome and went on youtube. It worked. Short and sweet answer.

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    That's a good question, I was wondering the same thing myself

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    Blame it on a video all the cool presidents are in my opinion

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