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How long until Restasis becomes effective?

For about the last 4 years i've had persistent dry, scratchy, bloodshot eyes. My eyes are ALWAYS bloodshot and I ALWAYS look tired/stoned. I cant do anything to get rid of the redness because nothing works except visine (which I know is bad to use). I've been to two doctors about this situation. One told me it was allergies and gave me patanol wich didnt help. The other told me it was dryness because my tear breakup test was VERY low, so he gave me restasis. I've gone through 3 trays of Restasis (each tray being 30-days worth, but I use one vial twice a day) and it isnt doing anything for my dryness or redness. Lubricant eye drops have literally no effect on me. Punctal plugs do nothing either. I cannot get rid of the redness in my eyesu nless I use vasoconstrictors. I use visine 1-2 times per week when my eyes get very bad, but they make my eyes feel terrible. My dryness and redness problems become worse when I am on a computer for even a short period of time, outside when its cold, around bright flourescent light, in a high heated area. What can I do? I am starting to fear that I will be stuck like this forever.

through several years of testing these things do and do not work

Doesnt work for dryness or redness:


Thera Tears

Eye Ointments


Punctal Plugs


Any type of OTC Lubricant

Things that DO work for redness but not dryness:

Visine or any other type of Vasonconstrictor

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    I would recommend not using Visine. It works wonders to get the red out, but it will make your dry eyes worse.

    Systane and Refresh are good OTC lubricants. You can the Systane, Thera Tears, eye ointments, and Optive that you have listed as often as you need to (several times per day).

    Lots of computer or TV work and working in a dry or drafty envirnoment can make your dry eyes worse.

    Restasis and punctal plugs are treatments when everything else has failed. Restasis may take several months to work.

    Having chronic dry eye is frustrating because it can be difficult to find the right treatment that will work to allievate your symptoms. Don't give up. If one thing doesn't work try something else, but only after you're tried each treatment for long enough to give it time to work.

    Some oral medications make dry eye worse (antihistamines, etc...)

    Source(s): 4 years as an ophthalmic medical assistant / optician
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