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Pediatrics residency?

How long would a pediatrics residency take? As a pediatric doctor, would you deal with kids all day? I'm interested in the field but am not sure how the job would work on a daily basis?

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    Pediatrics residency is three years (assuming you're in the US). If you subspecialize further, you may need to do a fellowship after that--like if you wanted to do pediatric cardiology, you do a cardiology fellowship.

    As a pediatric doctor, what you do all day depends on what kind of job you take. But yes, generally, kids are involved. Many pediatric doctors do treat patients through their early twenties, actually--usually we would say birth through age 21, but I know a lot of pedis who take care of the same kids through their college years, so it can vary.

    Some pediatricians become hospitalists and work solely with inpatients; some have practices where they mostly see patients in offices, some work in clinics. There are lots of ways to go with it.

    Source(s): Pediatric neurology resident.
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