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DSLR Canon vs Nikon

I am a beginner in using DSLR camera, and I am choosing between Canon 450D or Nikon D80, can anyone please give me some suggestions, thank you

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    Canon450D vs Nikon D80

    Featuring 10.2 Megapixels resolution, 2.5in screen, Nikon D80 also offers a host of advanced features, negligible shutter lag, and a battery charge lasting for up to 2700 shots. It’s more power than the average shutterbug will ever need, but this impressive camera is perfect for the action photography. But the major advantage of D80 over many Canon Cameras is the better AF system and Commander mode which allow you to control Nikon Speedlights without a separate wireless trigger such as Canon’s ST-E2 Speed-light Transmitter. In addition, Nikon D80 along with many other Nikon DSLRs has an AF assist lamp which does not need to raise flash for AF.

    But as an older model though, the D80 is missing out on several modern features. The Canon offers Live-Preview (which means you see your subject on the LCD before you take the picture, like on normal digital cameras, and most DSLR’s do not offer this yet, only the newest) , as well as a larger LCD (3 inches on the Canon and 2.5 on the Nikon), and is 12.2 megapixels versus the Nikon’s 10 megapixels.

    Also, the Canon uses a more advanced CMOS sensor while the Nikon uses a CCD sensor. The higher end Nikon’s use CMOS, but the mid level use the less preferred CCD, as the CMOS sensor is more sensitive, more accurate, and gives larger print sizes (i.e. the sensor costs more).

    The Nikon offers an 11 point Multi-CAM1000 autofocus, while the Canon offers a 9 point Multi-BASIS TTL (which in some reviews, appears to be better than the 11 point Nikon.

    And the Canon can do 3.5 frames per second up to 53 images (in jpeg) or 6 (raw). The Nikon can only do 3 frames per second up to 23 images (jpeg) or 6 (nef).

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