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Elena asked in TravelUnited StatesNew York City · 1 decade ago

What does the New York address 6 West 59th Street mean?

Explain me this and where exactly will you fing Waverly Place in NYC?

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    1 decade ago
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    Think of Manhattan as a head with the hair parted down the middle. The part is Fifth Avenue. Fifth Avenue is the reference point upon which all E-W designations are based. From the west side of 5th Ave west to the West Side Highway is the west side of Manhattan. From the east side of Fifth avenue east to the FDR Drive is the east side of Manhattan. At fifth avenue, the addresses start at one and move progressively higher as you go farther east and west, so you'll have, for example, both a 400 East 23rd Street and a 400 West 23rd Street. The former would be at about between 1st and York, and the latter would be at about 10th Avenue.

    The address you're looking for is on 59th Street just a few buildings off of 5th Avenue headed toward sixth. Actually, you should find it on Central Park South. I would think it would be attached to the Plaza Hotel.

    Waverly Place is in the West Village. Very nice. If you need to know how to get down there, go here:


    Thanks, D. ;-)

    Source(s): I've lived here most of my life.
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    My dear Brianna...

    Well...Jesse has given you the perfect disciption...and I couldn't have done it any better..-smile- So...just follow her advice, Brianna.

    Send you all my love....Annette***

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