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will they ever add another president to Mt Rushmore?

If they do, who should it be and why

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    Well I would say that the logical choice would be FDR or Obama but for Barack Obama, I'm not sure how that would work because of the color difference and whatnot...

    For now, I think FDR should be put up there.


    For the number 2 answer guy, yeah I guess you are right but it is a great way to preserve the memory of the first non-white President of the United States of America.

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    First, it is unlikely that permission will ever be given to add another face. You would not believe the environmentalist wacko fallout over the nearby monument to Crazy Horse, and that was on privately owned land, not a National Park.

    As to answerer #1 including obama...is that a joke?? He's been in office less than a month, he has no experience in anything but community activism, and he wants to fix it so that every aspect of your life is controlled by government. He wants to tell people how to run their own businesses, when he has no experience in business...never met a payroll, or created a product. The only noteworthy thing he's done so far is to identify tax cheats.

    If you want to put up a monument to him, just hang up an empty suit.

    Change....it's what you'll be left with.

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    I hope not, as I think four is enough. Adding another one would just make it look silly. You can't keep crowding more and more presidents in. The sculpture was conceived and executed as it was, and you can't just go arbitrarily adding more presidents. You might as well go painting more characters into The Last Supper or something.

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    No. I don't believe it's possible. I was there last summer and watched several videos about the making of the thing. They even had to change it from its original plans because of difficulties. I don't believe it could be changed. And, even if it COULD be changed, it SHOULD not be.

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