Best NFC Quarterbacks?

Who do you think are the best quarterbacks in the NFC and why?

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    Drew Brees - Almost beat Marino's record of most single season passing yards. He turned around that Saint franchise a couple years ago. He is definitely top 5 in my opinion if your talking about Top 5 quarterbacks in the NFL. He doesn't really got that many targets too pass too. (Colston, Bush, Shockey). Still a great QB.

    Kurt Warner - Led the Cardinals to the Super Bowl. Got some great receivers, the best in the league. Always throws 4,000+ yards each season. Won 2 MVP's when he was with the St. Louis Rams in '99 and '01 (NFC). He turned around the Cardinals franchise too. Real consistent in the pocket. He's been in the league long enough to know every defense by heart.

    Eli Manning - Peyton's little brother led the New York Football Giants too a Super Bowl title last year against the undefeated New England Patriots. He got the Giants back to the Playoffs this year without Plaxico Burress. Very underrated, just because Peyton Manning is his older brother. He can read defense's very well also.

    Donovan McNabb - He's a very tough quarterback. Led the Philadelphia Eagles to 5 NFC Championships since he's been there (1999). That's amazing. Even though many Eagle fans hate him, he still gets it done. Played with a broken foot a couple years ago, and still was successful. He also led the Eagles to a Super Bowl a couple years ago too.

    Matt Ryan - I think this is the second coming of Tom Brady. I really do. He led the Falcons too the playoffs last season, his rookie season. Rookie of the Year. And his first NFL pass, was a touchdown. I think he's one of the best quarterbacks in the NFC. The NFC is very weak in quarterbacks. He might even be Top 5 in the NFL next season.

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    1.Drew Brees

    - OK, so he plays in a pass happy offense, but not many people could put up the numbers he did this season, no matter what offense they were in. He leads the NFL's top ranked offense. Wait until the Saints get a secondary, and then we all will see just how great the Saints truly are, and that will give Brees even more recognition.

    2.Donovan McNabb

    - With a number 1 receiver, he would be unstoppable. Until that happens though, he'll be behind Drew as the NFC's top quarterback.

    3.Kurt Warner

    - With Fitzgerald, Boldin, and Breaston all going over 1000 yards, how could the quarterback not be mentioned in the top 3?

    4.Eli Manning

    - He's starting to come into his own. He'll never be like Peyton, but he's becoming very good, very quick. The loss of Plaxico Burress hurt a lot, but he did an OK job without him.

    5.Matt Ryan

    - He may have been a rookie this past season, but he sure didn't show it (besides the Wild Card game against the Cardinals. Matty Ice has played with precision and poise all season long. It won't be long before he's mentioned with the Bradys and the Mannings.

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  • 1. Kurt Warner

    There's nothing much to really say, besides the fact that he's a journeyman quarterback and brought two NFL teams to the Superbowl. Definitely deserve HOF.

    2. Drew Brees

    He was 15 yard short of Dan Marino's record of passing in a single season.

    3. Eli Manning

    Forget how bad his performance was in the last divisional playoff game, he led his team to the Superbowl and pulled the upset against the Patriots

    Btw this is a totally unbiased answer cuz im a Bears fan.

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  • Drew Brees and Kurt Warner.

    They are great team leaders and they have great receivers. They both treat each game like it is a big one and make the best out of it. Kurt just likes to have fun. He did mention that making the Hall of Fame is not the reason why he is playing. He wants to play a good game and have fun.

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    Drew Brees because even with dealing with injuries to his top recievers, he still managed to break the 5000 yard mark this past season. He carries the team and plays with chip on his sholder. He is a good influence to everyone and a very great guy.

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    They is pretty hard to decide but i think #1 is kurt warner #2 is donavon mcnabb #3 matt ryan and #4 drew brees

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    1. Drew Brees

    2. Eli Manning

    3. Kurt Warner

    Yes I did put Drew ahead of the others even though he doesn't have a ring. Drew had the numbers every year that put him there, his supporting cast is why he doesn't have a ring.

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    Warner is overrated the times hes been to the super bowls were with amazing receiving like with the rams he had faulk, bruce and holt and now he has boldin and fitzgerald. Probably Brees or Mcnabb.

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    He's a leader in the huddle and outside the huddle

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