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Koizumi, the former Japanese Prime minister, is recognized how, in the US?

Last month, the former President George Bush the junior honored the presidential medal of freedom for the three leaders of the US's allies, Avaro Uribe Velez (the Colombian president), Tony Blair (the former Prime Minister of the UK), and John Howard (the former prime minister of the Australia).

Some Japanese critics wondered why Junichiro Koizumi, the former Japanese prime minister, was not honored the medal.

He is now harshly criticized by some Japanese for excessive cooperative policies. Some critics even say that he sold the country for the US.

In truth, how is he recognized in the US?

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    Blair and Howard bled for us, and Uribe was Bush's man in a part of the world that threatened to turn against US policy and the staunchest US supporter in international politics. I do not know what political motivations are behind the awarding of these medals but Koizumis weighty contributions in diplomacy and real aid for our causes is not forgotten.

    The U.S.-Japan alliance is hugely important, and Koizumi is remembered favorably for his significant changes to national policy in the interest of antiterrorism and in controlling the influence of North Korea. He pursued a corpratist economic policy that was out of sync with the U.S. but continued to be a good economic ally.

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    George Bush brought him to Elvis Presley's home in Graceland for a tour.

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